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Tom Selleck Allegedly Delaying ‘Blue Bloods’ Renewal Talks by Demanding Raise, Anonymous Source Says


Tom Selleck Allegedly Delaying ‘Blue Bloods’ Renewal Talks by Demanding Raise, Anonymous Source Says

Does Tom Selleck Envy of Mark Harmon? With the NCIS leader settling into retirement, Selleck has a chance to increase his pay and power at CBS. Is Blue Bloods star vying for increases like the rest of the cast? “Black and blue blood!” is being investigated by the Gossip cop.

According to the Balloon, now that Harmon has departed CBS, Selleck is playing hardball. You’re attempting to gain more power and control over Blue blood.

Says a source: “Tom is the star and the biggest boss in Blue blood, and he wants more influence than he has.”

The disappearance of Harmon, who had enormous power on NCIS, has created a power vacuum in the network. “Tom wants total control, Mark Harmon style,” a source says, “and not just more money for himself but for the rest of the cast.” He’d like to see better food used on set so fans don’t think he’s gaining weight.

A personal trainer could also be a part of the equation. For himself and the rest of the cast, Selleck wants an on-set gym. According to one source, his strategy will most likely pay off: “He’s Blue blood and the producers will probably give him what he wants.”

What’s next for ‘Blue Bloods’ and Tom Selleck?

As per News-Primer, this performance makes it appear as if Tom Selleck is stalling for a hefty increase, but there’s no evidence that he is. In May, CBS normally releases its trailer, which informs the media about the upcoming season’s roster of programming. He announced Blue Blood Other NCIS they returned a month before the event last year, for example. You should hear anything in a few months, but not any time soon.

For many years, Harmon was the executive producer of NCIS. Year after year, it was also the highest-rated source. Selleck is no fool, therefore he would know a lot more about television than this tabloid. It’s not like CBS simply handed over Harmon’s money to Selleck. That’s just not how these things work.

Because there is no sign that Selleck is seeking a raise anywhere else, Gossip Cop is convinced that this claim is bogus. He hasn’t spoken anything to the press about it, and no one in his closest circle would snitch like this. It’s hard to think this outlet knows what it’s talking about when you add in the bizarre awkward twist with food on camera.

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