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Whoopi Goldberg Slams Supreme Court on Abortion Rights: Men Shouldn’t “Talk About What A Fetus Wants”

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Whoopi Goldberg Slams Supreme Court on Abortion Rights: Men Shouldn’t “Talk About What A Fetus Wants”

On the December 2 episode of ‘The View,’ Whoopi Goldberg expressed her outrage at Supreme Court members who are looking to uphold a strict anti-abortion law that would overturn Roe v. Wade.

On Thursday’s episode of The ViewWhoopi Goldberg did not hold back in her reaction to the Supreme Court of the United States’ ongoing oral arguments about a Mississippi law that overturns Roe v. Wade and bans abortion after 15 weeks.

The EGOT winner, 66, specifically took issue with Justice Samuel Alito, 71, saying that “the fetus has an interest in having a life” as the 9 members of the SCOTUS hashed out whether they would uphold this strict anti-abortion ruling.

“Do any of you men have any eggs or the possibility of carrying a fetus? How dare you talk about what a fetus wants,” Whoopi said, as she received thunderous applause from the New York in-studio audience. “You have no idea.”

The Ghost actress went on to say that she’s “fine” with people who disagree with abortion. “I have no problem with that,” she explained. “My problem comes when you tell me what I need to do with my doctor and my family. How dare you. How dare you.”

As Whoopi completed her remarks, she received more applause from the audience, urging her co-hosts Sara HainesJoy BeharAna Navarro, and Sunny Hostin to each share their thoughts on the subject.

Whoopi’s remarks echo many Americans’ pro-choice beliefs across the country, as Roe v. Wade remains under threat due to the conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Joy, 79, and Sara, 44, agreed with Whoopi, and Sara explained that the controversial law will only “stop safe abortions,” not all abortions.

Ana, 49, agreed with Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s remark that the continuation of this anti-abortion law would be “a stench” on the SCOTUS. Sunny, on the other hand, said she does not support abortion “as someone raised in the Catholic faith.” However, the 53-year-old lawyer did clarify that does “understand the argument that it’s a woman’s body.”

She added, “I understand that I should never confuse Church and State, and I should never impose my beliefs on anyone else.” Sunny concluded her remarks by telling her co-hosts that she is “fearful” that Roe v. Wade will be overturned.

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