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Jennifer Lopez is fed up with Ben Affleck’s Smoking


Jennifer Lopez is fed up with Ben Affleck’s Smoking

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck fighting over bad habits? According to one report, Jolie is fed up with Affleck’s smoking. suggest looks into it.

According to the National Enquirer, Lopez is upset with Affleck for smoking. “There have been other women in Ben’s life who wanted him to put down the cigarettes,” an insider says, “but Ben’s been a smoker all his life and it’s not easy to give that up.” Not even Jennifer Garner could get him to stop.

Affleck’s alcoholism was treated in rehab, but he has had no progress stopping cigarettes. Between Lopez, his career, and the children, he’s under a lot of stress. “Jen is very conscious about diet, exercise, and getting enough sleep, and she’s never smoked or consumed alcohol,” a source says. Affleck wants to please Lopez, but giving up smoking is a huge task.

Jennifer Lopez has been characterized as a teetotaler, but she has consumed alcohol in the past. She enjoys toasting with it, but she is concerned about the effects it may have on her skin. In fact, Lopez has previously smoked cigarettes. She’s dabbled with real ones for films like Hustlers, and there are plenty of photos and videos of her smoking.

Lopez is well-known for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but she doesn’t judge others for their choices. During Affleck’s breaks, she’s taken to meditating. She doesn’t seem so to be disturbed. Keep in mind that Lopez and Affleck were engaged during the Gigli age, so she knows what she’s getting herself into in terms of habit. If she didn’t mind in 2003, why should she now?

Tabloids would have protected it. Lopez appears to be disgusted by Affleck’s habits and body, but this is clearly not the case. They’ve been carrying the PDA for months.

Cigarettes are a follow-up to a prior Enquirer story about Lopez exposing Affleck to a dreaded strict routine. It’s shared this story several times, but there’s no hard evidence to back it up.

The tabloid has no knowledge of Lopez’s personal life. What evidence do we have? It was reported that Lopez intended to remain single after reuniting with Affleck. The timing was simply uncomfortable.

Lopez is happy to have Affleck in her life despite the fact that he smokes.

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