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Tom Hanks Shares Reason He Turned Down Jeff Bezos’ Space Flight Invitation


Tom Hanks Shares Reason He Turned Down Jeff Bezos’ Space Flight Invitation

Tom Hanks was given a ticket on a Blue Origin space journey by Jeff Bezos, but he declined. On Wednesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the Oscar winner explained why he declined the offer.

Kimmel asked Hanks if he was approached by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to join a space mission before William Shatner, and Hanks said yes. “As long as I pay,” he replied, “well fine.”

Due to a lack of cash, the actor rejected to take part in the 11-minute space journey. “It’s something like 28 million dollars or something like that. Jimmy, I’m doing fine. I’m in good shape. But I’m not laying down $28 million “He told Jimmy Kimmel.

He went on to suggest that for a fraction of the expense, they could simulate a space voyage in the studio. “Isn’t it only a 12-minute flight? Is that the end of it? Okay, we could all do it right here in our seats .“ he added before trembling and leaping in his chair like he was in space.

I don’t need to spend 28 million dollars to achieve it,” He went on to say that he would have accepted Bezos’ invitation if it had been free.

After declining the opportunity, Shatner went on to become the oldest person to travel to space. He was aboard the New Shephard rocket for the NS-18 mission with three other crew members last month. The 90-year-old actor’s space mission comes three months after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos launched Blue Origin’s first human space flight on the same rocket.

As per Washingtonnewsday, Shatner remarked after the flight that viewing space for the first time was “unlike anything” he had ever seen before. “It’s life-changing in its own way,” He went on to say that it’s not so much because of the flying adventure as it is due to the people he’s meeting.

The plot revolves around a robot that lives on a post-apocalyptic Earth and was created to save his dying creator’s dog’s life. Miguel Sapochnik’s film will be released in theaters on Friday.

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