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Britney Spears’ security guard testifies about what happened when Britney’s ex crashed her wedding and was subsequently arrested

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Britney Spears’ security guard testifies about what happened when Britney’s ex crashed her wedding and was subsequently arrested

Here is what a security guard for Britney Spears claims happened on her wedding day.

Since her conservatorship was finally terminated in November, Britney Spears has been starting to genuinely live life on her own terms. One significant outcome of this has been Spears’ ability to continue her relationship with Sam Asghari, her longtime love.

Despite the fact that Spears and Asghari were able to get married earlier this month (and kindly released some fairytale footage from their nuptials), the event was almost ruined by the presence of her ex-husband, Jason Allen Alexander, who was able to get on the property and attempted to crash the wedding. One of Spears’ security personnel has since given testimony regarding what transpired.

What Did Britney Spears’ Security Guard Say About Jason Alexander Crashing The Wedding?

On Thursday, June 9, Sam Asghari and Britney Spears were finally able to get married, but right before the ceremony, Jason Alexander broke into their house. After Alexander was eventually charged with trespassing, battery, vandalism, and felony stalking, one of Spears’ former security personnel spoke out in court on Monday about what transpired that day.

According to TMZ, the guard (who is one of several that Spears fired after the security team allowed Alexander into her house before the wedding), told the judge that, upon getting into Spears’ home, Alexander’s first move was to locate her bedroom.

The guard reported that Alexander had managed to enter the main house covertly, found Spears’ bedroom, and tried to enter while she was inside, but the door had been shut. Additionally, despite not being on the wedding guest list, the security guard claimed that Alexander kept mentioning how he needed to speak with Spears and that he was aggressively hunting for her.

Even worse, the guard claimed that despite being constantly warned to stay away, Alexander was observed wandering around the edges of Spears and Asghari’s property numerous times in the days leading up to their wedding, including the day before.

This could be the reason why the judge decided to add the felony stalking charge and award Spears a three-year restraining order against Alexander when Alexander was first charged a few days earlier.

As per EW, while the Spears and Asghari definitely had a lovely celebration with a number of their friends and family (not including Lynne Spears, who later said she just wants her daughter “to be happy”), it is obvious that Jason Alexander had a plan to disrupt their wedding that could have taken a very dangerous turn.

He entered a not guilty plea to all of the charges, but the police did observe that he had a knife in his possession when he attempted to crash the wedding, while also posting about his attempt in real-time with Instagram Live videos.

Britney Spears can continue to enjoy newlywed poolside romps at their new house because it appears that her legal team is taking care of keeping the singer safe. This will keep Spears near to her sons with Kevin Federline.

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