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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Reportedly Saved Their Marriage By Attempting For Baby No. 3

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Reportedly Saved Their Marriage By Attempting For Baby No. 3

One year after Teigen went through a miscarriage, a source told Star that the model is decided to welcome another addition to their family next year.

“Chrissy’s praying for another miracle but if she can’t get pregnant herself, she and John will definitely give surrogacy a try. In the meantime, they’re just counting their blessings. They’re grateful to have their kids and each other,” the source said.

An internal source also claimed that Teigen and Legend have been getting back to each other both in public and in private. And this also helped build up their relationship.

“That was a real turning point in their relationship. It’s amazing that they got through in the way they did. John and Chrissy have been through so much but still managed to come out the other side even stronger. For the first time in a long time, they’re hopeful about the future,” the source said.

Teigen and Legend suffered so many hardships in recent years. After facing a miscarriage, the prior supermodel was criticized for reportedly oppressing a social media influencer.

Teigen expressed regret for her what she did and said that she would take a gap from social media. But it didn’t take her long to come back to the platform. At the time, fans thought that she and Legend would eventually announce their division, but this didn’t happen.

Today, the couple is still happily married and they remain to be one of the strongest couples in Hollywood. And they are spending a satisfactory life.

Meanwhile, the couple currently made headlines when they attended the Grammys together with their two children. Luna and Miles looked just as stylish as their parents during the excursion.

The happy family also had a photoshoot and they shared it with their millions of followers on social media.

During an interview with People, Legend disclosed that his two children are excitedly awaiting to have another sibling.

“I think Chrissy’s done a good job of destigmatizing some of these things that so many people go through in silence. Whether it’s IVF or other fertility struggles, whether it’s losing a pregnancy, I think both of us have felt like it’s good for us to share this with other people because other people are going through it too, we don’t think they should suffer in silence without knowing there are other people out there who are feeling the same thing,” he said.

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