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White House’s 9/11 Analogy for Biden’s Absence Raises Eyebrows

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre


White House’s 9/11 Analogy for Biden’s Absence Raises Eyebrows

While President Biden marked the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in Alaska, questions arose regarding his absence from the traditional attack sites. Fox News‘ Peter Doocy shared that, in response to his query on Biden’s whereabouts in Hanoi, Vietnam, during the 9/11 commemorations, the White House drew a parallel stating presidents didn’t visit Pearl Harbor 22 years post the event.

However, this analogy seems flawed. The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library noted on its platform that President Kennedy visited the USS Arizona in 1963, exactly 22 years after the Pearl Harbor attack.

Although most US presidents since 2001 have attended 9/11 memorials at New York, the Pentagon, or Shanksville, Pennsylvania, both Presidents Bush and Obama observed one anniversary from the White House.

Further controversy arose when Biden claimed he was at Ground Zero a day post the 9/11 attack, a claim which records dispute. C-SPAN’s coverage of Senate activities on September 12, 2001, highlighted Biden’s presence in Washington, D.C., where he even delivered a Senate speech. His own autobiography supports this, as it details his return to the Capitol and doesn’t mention a Ground Zero visit.

The New York Post report added that a Gannett News Wire article from the same date described Senator Joe Biden as spending the day “in the U.S. Senate,” further challenging the President’s claim.

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