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Kristi Noem Again At Fault, This Time Attacked Ron DeSantis at CPAC


Kristi Noem Again At Fault, This Time Attacked Ron DeSantis at CPAC

Kristi Noem beautiful, articulate, and talked a tough game is surely a rising star in the GOP. She’s also been a big supporter of Donald Trump.

Noem was very popular, a lot of people thought she’s“VP” material and can be a president, too.

But, at that time all of that came rolling down, when Noem, who placed herself as a fighter for “women’s sports” caved to the NCAA’s transgender agenda.

That action was a little too much for that and she’s never had the same “glow” since that time.

Eating a bit of “humble pie” and made efforts to relax her way back into people’s decent styles would have been the premium way for Kristi to fix that PR mess, but she didn’t custom that way.

As a substitute, she has complex the materials for herself while she was at CPAC on Sunday.

For some odd reason, Kristi Noem thought that it’d be a good idea to attack America’s most beloved Governor, Ron DeSantis.

Here’s part of what she said: “Let’s talk about rewriting history. We’ve got Republican governors across this country pretending they didn’t shut down their states, that they didn’t close their beaches….”

The waynedupree stated, “Whether you agree with how DeSantis handled COVID early on or not, Kristi’s decision to go after him at this stage of the game seems like a dumb political move – since DeSantis has been very bold and strong in combating the left’s communist agenda on many fronts.

It’s one thing if Kisti wants to tout her success in her state but to do so by dragging down one of the most popular Republicans, and all while she is on the downturn thanks to “waffling” and “caving” accusations – it’s just a really stupid move and I don’t think it will serve her well.”

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