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Former President Donald Trump To Terrorize Nation With 2024 Announcement Soon

Donald Trump


Former President Donald Trump To Terrorize Nation With 2024 Announcement Soon

Some advisers say it could come as early as this summer. If you lived from 2016 to 2020, you probably know that there are 827,995,126 reasons why Donald Trump should never be allowed to be president again, including, but not limited to, his penchant for extortion, total disregard for human life, fondness for murderous authoritarians, and history of unleashing fascist mobs on America when things don’t go his way.

Unfortunately, Republican senators elected not to impeach Trump in February 2021, despite several of those senators publicly conceding that Trump was “practically and morally responsible” for the violent insurrection that occurred the previous month. That puts us in our current condition of hell, in which the former person is allegedly ready to announce a bid for 2024 soon.

NBC News reports that Trump is “bored at Mar-a-Lago and anxious to get back in the political arena—as a candidate, not a kingmaker,” according to advisers who are “divided over whether he should launch a third bid for the presidency as early as this summer.” (Trump, of course, found 99% of the job of being president hugely boring, particularly the daily briefings he ignored. But apparently, he can only remember the parts of the gig he enjoyed, like shredding documents and exploiting the office for personal gain and revenge on his enemies.)

According to reporter Jonathan Allen, while some of Trump’s allies think he should wait until after the midterms to announce, others believe going out early would allow him to “harness supporters” and cut other potential candidates off at the knees. “I’ve laid out my case on why I think he should do it,” longtime adviser Jason Miller told NBC News.

“I think that there being clear about what his intentions are [is important] so he can start building that operation while it’s still fresh in people’s minds and they’re still active—a lot of that can be converted into 2024 action.” Another advisor who thinks it would be more prudent to wait until after November acknowledged that Trump famously had the impulse control of a toddler, and will likely declare “sooner rather than later.”

Two sources told NBC News that they had been told a possible announcement could come on July 4, though Miller claimed no date has been decided on. Last month, The New York Times reported that Trump has “spoken to aides recently about declaring his candidacy this summer as a way to box out other candidates,” which definitely sounds like something he‘d do. According to Tara Palmeri of Puck News, if most of the candidates the ex-president has endorsed win their general elections, he’ll declare in November; if they don’t, he’ll push it out to January or February 2023.

Taylor Budowich, a spokesperson for Trump, issued a vague statement to Allen, saying, “America was strong, prosperous, and greatly respected under President Trump, and that’s why he continues to have unprecedented strength through his endorsement record and the demand for his leadership has never been higher.” (Obviously, many of those claims range from “highly debatable” to “outright lies,” particularly the idea that America was “greatly respected” under the 45th president.) 

As others have pointed out, one big reason Trump could want to delay an announcement, even if he’s already decided, is that his campaign committee would be subject to stricter rules and would be barred from working with his super PAC.

Having suffered a humiliating defeat in 2020—so humiliating, in fact, that he still refuses to recognize it occurred—one significant reason Trump may run for president a third time is that he believes the presidency would shield him from the legal trouble he is currently in. “Why wouldn’t he run?” Mary Trump, his niece, wondered aloud last fall. “He’s in so much trouble, legally, criminally, and civilly.”

For his part, the former guy has been happy to suggest to his supporters he’ll be taking another stab at it. “The truth is: I ran twice, I won twice, and I did much better the second time,” he said during a rally in March, lying about the 2020 results. “And now we just may have to do it again.”

These reports (about Trump attempting to return to the White House) come amid mounting evidence that he has no business being within 10,000 feet of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The New York Times reported on Friday that one day before the January 6 insurgency, Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff informed the Secret Service that the then-president was going to put the then-VP in grave danger due to the latter’s refusal to block the certification of Joe Biden’s win. As we all know, this is exactly what happened.

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