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Nicole Kidman Discusses Overcoming Height Challenges in Her Early Acting Days

Nicole Kidman


Nicole Kidman Discusses Overcoming Height Challenges in Her Early Acting Days

Hollywood star Nicole Kidman has recently shared her struggles with height insecurities during the nascent stage of her acting career.

In a candid conversation on the Radio Times podcast, Kidman revealed the skepticism she faced due to her stature, recalling a time when she was cautioned, “You won’t have a career. You’re too tall.”

Kidman recounted the jests about her height, noting that people often quipped, ‘How’s the air up there?’ She contrasted this with current remarks she receives, such as surprise at her height or comments about the appropriateness of her heel size. The actress from ‘Days of Thunder’ expressed her exasperation with expectations set for her on the red carpet, where she is frequently provided with excessively high heels, leading her to jest about seeking a more modest ‘kitten heel’ and feeling like a ‘giraffe.’

She also looked back on an occasion where her height led her to relinquish a chance to audition for the musical ‘Annie,’ as she was two inches beyond the maximum height requirement. Despite this setback, Kidman was grateful for the opportunity to audition after insisting on a chance, even though she didn’t secure the role or a callback. However, she humorously remarked that she at least had the chance to perform part of a song.

Over the years, Kidman has proven her early critics wrong, earning her first Academy Award nomination in 2002 for her role in ‘Moulin Rouge!’ and winning an Oscar the following year for ‘The Hours.’ In addition to her Academy Awards, she has also been recognized with two Emmy Awards for her leading performance in HBO’s ‘Big Little Lies’ in 2017.

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