A Complete Guide to choose best A Level School in Lahore

Moving ahead in your academic career and choosing subjects for your A-level isn’t a decision you should take lightly. Selecting the best A-level school in Lahore can be a strong decision, but with the slight guidance you can save your career. When it comes to picking your A-level school, you need to focus on the subjects you want to take if your future route for success is evident in your head. It’s important to be focused in your career because you end up selecting what’s right for you and become successful in your professional life eventually. Continue reading A Complete Guide to choose best A Level School in Lahore

Yogesh Mehta’s Son Rohan has Lavish £14m Wedding in Florence

Rohan Mehta, son of Indian millionaire Yogesh Mehta, married his bride Roshni in a lavish ceremony in Florence  Around 500 guests were expected to attend the nuptials in Italy and were put up in the best hotels around the city.  Mr Mehta is the founder of the Petrochem empire in Dubai and is believed to have amassed a wealth of $623million

5 Style Tips for Women Who Aren’t in Their 20’s Anymore

We’ve done a lot of stories on things we recommend you do by age 30, whether it’s dropping bad shopping habits, mastering style skills, or getting rid of clothes that are no longer age appropriate. Next, we thought we’d tackle our top five style rules for those who are no longer part of the 20-something club.

Deepika Padukone Bags Her First international Project, to Work in Vin Diesel’s next

Deepika Padukone is certainly having a good year with her films hitting jackpot back to back and now with a Hollywood flick in her kitty, the actress sure is on a roll. Dippy has bagged a role opposite none other than mega blockbuster superstar Vin Diesel of the Fast and Furious series fame.