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Kanye West Ditches Shoes, Sticks to Socks-Only Style Despite Fashion Legacy


Kanye West Ditches Shoes, Sticks to Socks-Only Style Despite Fashion Legacy

In a surprising turn of events, Kanye West, also known as “Ye,” has developed an apparent aversion to shoes. This is particularly ironic considering his influential fashion career, which was primarily built upon his highly popular Adidas sneaker line. Yet, here we are, over a month since Ye quietly debuted his latest fashion “collection” as part of his YEEZY brand, and he continues to roam around in socks.

Recently spotted on June 14 at The Lobster restaurant in Santa Monica, Ye and his wife, Bianca Censori, sported their customary ensembles as they met with the renowned sky artist James Turrell. It is possible that the 80-year-old artist hosted a belated birthday lunch for the YEEZY founder.

Ye was seen wearing a loose-fitting T-shirt tucked into slouchy sweatpants, accessorized with a fanny pack and his signature Sand Socks, once again substituting regular shoes or his highly talked-about YEEZY SOCK SNEAKER (or YZY?). This seems to be Ye’s go-to YEEZY 2023 look, occasionally complemented by the occasional vintage soccer jersey or faded Gallery Dept. sweater.

This time, there were no shoulder pads, which made Ye’s latest outfit resemble more of an elderly tourist at an airport than that of a visionary fashion genius.

However, it is important to remember that just a few months ago, Ye made offensive remarks, so it is crucial not to portray him as a good person deserving of praise in any way.

It would be in poor taste to describe someone as “homeless,” as such phrasing diminishes the experiences of unhoused individuals and is typically used insensitively. Nevertheless, given Ye’s questionable and potentially exploitative connection with Los Angeles’ homeless shelters, the comparison may be warranted when observing his casual sweatsuit and sock combination.

Meanwhile, Bianca Censori manages to strike a balance between being more and less stylish than Ye, somehow.

Censori has transitioned from her extravagant CDG (?) outfit to an artisanal Margiela apron (without a shirt!) paired with her usual leggings, although she is at least fully clothed this time.

It’s worth noting the significance of such a simple observation, given the circumstances.

Surprisingly, Censori has chosen to wear heels with her leggings, while Ye continues to forgo shoes, relying solely on socks. Will Ye ever return to wearing sneakers?

Perhaps not, as his new shoeless look is said to take center stage in an upcoming music video reportedly filmed during his birthday party behind his recently renovated Calabasas home.

If not, well, at least Ye has demonstrated that the traditional restaurant policy of “no shirt, no shoes, no service” can be circumvented by those with substantial wealth and celebrity connections.

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