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Katie Price Shares How Past Relationships Impacted Her Self-Image


Katie Price Shares How Past Relationships Impacted Her Self-Image

In a candid conversation on the Go Love Yourself podcast, Katie Price delved deep into the role her former partners played in shaping her self-image. At 45, having gone through multiple cosmetic procedures, the ex-glamour model highlighted how past relationships contributed to her insecurities.

While unveiling her most recent cosmetic changes, Price was keen to point out that her decision to alter her appearance stemmed from a personal desire to feel confident. She remarked, “Every time I look in the mirror, I want to feel content with what I see.”

She further elaborated, “Many of the men from my past consistently criticized and belittled me. But, it’s crucial to understand I chose these procedures for me, not them, told Mirror.

Price’s personal life has been under the spotlight, especially since her whirlwind romance with Carl Woods began in 2020. Their relationship saw its ups and downs with an engagement in 2021 and subsequent breakups. However, current buzz suggests they are setting their sights on a hushed wedding after reigniting their passionate romance.

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