Power Up Your Pullups With This Small Tweak

Pinkies are the little engine that could. Though small, they can contribute as much as 33 percent of grip strength. As a result, for any exercise or movement that requires gripping—pullups, triceps dips, kettlebell swings, dumbbell or barbell work—over­looking the pinky is a mistake.  Continue reading “Power Up Your Pullups With This Small Tweak”

How to Wear Tie-Dye

If you’re an adult figuring out how to wear tie-dye without looking like your adolescent self, I’m with you. And, because I love pushing myself outside my comfort zone when it come to fashion, I’m also here for you. When our team — and really, whole office — wondered how to wear the tie-dye trend IRL, you better believe I volunteered myself as tribute, Katniss-Everdeen-style. Continue reading “How to Wear Tie-Dye”

The Science Behind Why Men Always Fall Asleep After Sex

Don’t be insulted if your partner starts sawing logs right after your most intimate moments together. Men fall asleep after sex for several main reasons, none of which are related to your relationship, personality or performance in bed. Continue reading “The Science Behind Why Men Always Fall Asleep After Sex”

When Will Meghan Markle Start Maternity Leave?

Despite the fact that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have seemingly barely sat down during the last few months ‚ hello, NYC baby shower and 16-day royal tour! — the Duchess of Sussex plans to take a step back from the limelight to prepare for her April due date. Continue reading “When Will Meghan Markle Start Maternity Leave?”

The Best Celebrity Couples on the 2019 Oscars Red Carpet

In anticipation of the 91st annual Academy Awards on Sunday evening, we couldn’t help but be distracted by all of the adorable couples to walk the red carpet. From Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone’s beaming smiles to Marie Kondo and Takumi Kawahara looking happy as can be, it’s clear love was in the air. And with an evening full of magical moments and heartfelt performances, there’s no surprise that we saw some PDA as well! Let’s have a look at some of the cutest celebrity couples ahead. Continue reading “The Best Celebrity Couples on the 2019 Oscars Red Carpet”