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Kamala Harris’s Bold Statement: ‘Ready to Assume Presidency’ if Biden Can’t Complete Term

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Kamala Harris’s Bold Statement: ‘Ready to Assume Presidency’ if Biden Can’t Complete Term

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, on a diplomatic mission to Jakarta, responded to questions regarding President Joe Biden’s age and the potential for her to step into the top role, emphasizing that all vice presidents must be primed for such a possibility.

Quizzed about the 80-year-old President Biden’s health and her readiness for the highest office in the nation, Harris responded candidly during her trip overseas. While initially addressing Biden’s legislative successes, she eventually addressed the real question at hand posed by an Associated Press reporter.

“Yes,” said Harris, now 58, when asked about her preparedness in the event she needed to assume the role of president. “Every vice president understands the gravity of the role they might need to fill. I’m no exception.”

Still, she was quick to reassure those listening that President Biden is in good health. “Joe Biden is going to be fine. This discussion is hypothetical,” she stressed.

President Biden, the oldest to ever hold the office, is gearing up for a potential second term as he approaches 81 this November. The relationship dynamics between him and Harris have been under the microscope, especially given their heated exchanges during the 2019 primaries.

While both have publicly praised each other, recent polls show Harris trailing Biden in approval ratings, with 40.7% of the public favoring her performance against Biden’s 41.7%.

Harris, who made history as the first female and second non-white Vice President, was Biden’s choice for VP in 2020. Their past confrontations, including Harris’s poignant “That little girl was me” comment during a debate, continue to resonate in political circles.

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