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Joe Biden criticizes Evils of Big Meat in Bizarre, Senile Performance

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Joe Biden criticizes Evils of Big Meat in Bizarre, Senile Performance

This morning, RedState reported on Joe Biden’s plan to avoid blame for the nation’s inflation crisis, with the core of that plan being to blame rising grocery prices on the supposed greed of “meat conglomerates.” He did, indeed, follow through today, releasing a series of bizarre clips full of gaslighting and bouts of senility.

These Big Meat top management were apparently not greedy at all during the Trump administration when beef and chicken prices remained affordable and stable.

Rather, prices began to rise only after Joe Biden spent trillions of dollars the country didn’t have on various boondoggles ranging from COVID “reduction” to infrastructure.

Let’s just get the senility out of the way first. The president was attempting to say something. You can try to figure out what that something is.

BIDEN: “[My wife’s friend] was sayin’ ‘do you realize it’s over 5 dollars for a pound of hamburger meat?!’ 5 dollars. Well, this is partly, you know, the pound of beef today costs 5 bucks compared to less than 4 bucks before the pandemic.”

According to the brilliance who currently leads the US government, the price of a pound of beef (I assume he means hamburger meat) has risen to $5 from less than $4 before the pandemic. And the reason is…that a pound of meat now costs $5 when it used to cost less than $4? So, there you have it. I’m glad we figured it out.

Of course, even if he can’t understand it, what Biden is trying to say is that meat companies have created a monopoly that artificially raises prices, unrelated to any other economic factors. It’s also worth noting that Biden supports monopolies when they harm children, such as teachers’ unions.

To be honest, the idea that meat prices are rising due to greed is nonsense. There is no evidence to support that claim, and it requires you to pretend that the rest of the nation’s industries aren’t going to experience an inflationary boom. Yes, meat prices have risen. Hotel prices, gas prices, and essentially everything else is all increasing.

What makes more sense now? That Big Meat has suddenly decided to bilk the American people only when Biden is in office, after years of not being greedy? Or is it more likely that they are subject to the same market forces as every other industry? To carry meat to market, diesel fuel is needed, and guess how much that costs these days? Meat products are packaged with plastic and Styrofoam. Guess what’s gotten more costly? Labor costs have also risen significantly, from those working in processing plants to those doing administrative work.

All of these are the real reasons why your ribeye is more expensive. It’s not greed, as much as I dislike many major corporations. Rather, it’s the reality of operating in Joe Biden’s terrible economic environment. And, instead of accepting responsibility, the president is now trying to copy Elizabeth Warren by blaming shadowy CEOs for problems he caused.

This is what happens when a dementia-ridden, know-nothing occupies the White House.

Redstate’s Bonchie contributed to this report

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