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Ex-President Donald Trump Just Made an Absolutely Head-Scratching Endorsement

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Ex-President Donald Trump Just Made an Absolutely Head-Scratching Endorsement

Donald Trump held a gathering/ demonstration in North Carolina on Saturday night, but it unusual theatrics and hilarity that the prior president speaks that made the biggest influence. Rather, it was an initiative that seems to have come out of nowhere, and I’ll go so far as to say it may be his worst ever (yes, worse than Morgan Ortega) — at least as a Republican politician.

Honestly, I know some people take the unexpected with anyone ever questioning Trump’s decision-making, but this is truly a head-scratching moment.

I’m not certain about offering unexpectedly to people based on them being on TV for a long time is the best technique. Whoopi Goldberg has been on TV for a long time. John Stewart was on TV for a long time. Being popular alone is not a political positive. Ideology and policy still make matter. Yet, it seems like Trump just went with whoever wasn’t the “establishment” pick, without a thought for what he’s actually flipping his weight behind.

And look, this isn’t about Dr. Oz’s personality or any other shallow critique. If that was the only problem here, this endorsement wouldn’t even be worthy of a shoulder shrug. Rather, it’s Dr. Oz’s liberal history and murky positions that are the issue. For my money, his flip-flopping and incoherence relating to abortion are enough to cause major account. I’ll let a lot of issues slide if a politician is otherwise welcomed. That’s not one of them.

Dr. Oz also shared support for Obamacare and subsequently Barack Obama’s win in 2008. Further, he has offered support for red flag laws, which give the government the ability to violate the Second Amendment rights of Americans just because someone claimed a complaint. Heck, he’s even written in support of the idea that “systemic racism” exists in the healthcare industry.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s John Cardillo, one of the biggest Trump supporters, on social media saying this is a bridge too far.

That’s the thing. Why should anyone believe Dr. Oz’s sudden modification is anything but a try to draft off of Trump’s popularity? Yet, Trump seems content to offer his support — without a question of the motives at play. There is plenty of reason to believe Dr. Oz will become an absolute squish the moment he enters the Senate, and that’s if he wins at all. He’s not well-positioned to win the general election in his state, unlike Herschel Walker in Georgia.

I understand the urge to just do the contradict whatever Mitch McConnell wants, but there are at least a few times where overlap has to happen. You can’t make your endorsement mean something — if it’s just given out to whoever the other guy doesn’t like. That cheapens Trump’s entire movement, and I think he’s going to be remorse this decision.

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