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Trump Amplifies Anti-Trans Sentiment with Lady Weightlifter Impression



Trump Amplifies Anti-Trans Sentiment with Lady Weightlifter Impression

Donald Trump, aiming to resonate with conservative voters, once again showcased his anti-trans stance by performing a controversial lady weightlifter impression during a campaign event in Michigan.

Focused on the contentious issue of transgender athletes, Trump’s “bit” involved awkward grunting and groaning as he took the podium. Interestingly, this time, his impression took on an almost moaning-like quality, suggesting it has become a recurring element of his campaign speeches.

Watch Trump’s impression here:

According to Trump’s account (though it should be taken with skepticism), he derived the inspiration for the impression from witnessing a female weightlifter’s unsuccessful attempt to break a world record. Via Mediaite:

“She got over the barbell,” he said. “They put like a little tiny ounce on one side, an ounce on the other. This thing was– if you beat it by an ounce, you have the world record. And she got up there. Should I do it?”

The crowd hooted and hollered.

“I’m gonna do it!” he exclaimed.

Trump lowered his hands and brought them up like a weightlifter.

“Arghhhh!” he grunted. “She couldn’t do it.”

In addition to his weightlifter routine, Trump asserted to the Michigan crowd that he is the sole figure capable of averting World War III, ominously declaring its impending arrival. The former president also expressed opposition to electric vehicles, as reported by the Detroit Free Press.

As expected, Trump’s supporters embraced his rhetoric, responding with boos whenever Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer was mentioned and cheering when Trump vowed to confront his perceived “enemies” seeking to silence his followers and strip away their freedoms.

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