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Ivanka Trump Surprises Maui: An Unexpected Journey to Deliver Meals to Families

Ivanka Trump Surprises Maui


Ivanka Trump Surprises Maui: An Unexpected Journey to Deliver Meals to Families

The Hawaiian island of Maui saw an unexpected yet wholeheartedly welcomed guest a few weeks back – Ivanka Trump. With minimal fanfare, Trump ventured to Maui in the wake of its catastrophic wildfires, partnering with the humanitarian organization, CityServe International, to extend support to the distressed residents.

Driven by a goal to provide meals and essential supplies to victims of the most extensive wildfire in U.S. history, Ivanka, with the CityServe International team, distributed an astounding 250,000 meals to affected families. Their base of operations was a church in Lahaina, which had repurposed itself as a food bank for local inhabitants.

Opting for a down-to-earth appearance in a black tank top and functional green cargo pants, Trump wore an ‘Iva’ name tag, blending in as she distributed locally sourced fresh produce.

The heartwarming act was captured in photographs, and CityServe International lauded Trump’s efforts, saying, “Her modest presence kindled hope amongst the Lahaina community, reassuring them that they aren’t overlooked.”

The wildfires led to around 6,000 locals seeking temporary accommodation in Maui hotels, while approximately 1,100 took refuge in Airbnb lodgings. With Trump and CityServe’s intervention, essentials such as food, water, local vegetables, gift cards, and more were delivered to those in need.

In addition, residents were provided gas cards and air purifiers, with recommendations to steer clear of affected water sources and burned areas.

Utilizing her extensive network, Trump managed to garner corporate donations in support of Maui’s inhabitants. A subsequent announcement from CityServe International revealed plans to airlift supplies worth $1 million to Maui soon. The cargo is expected to contain e-bikes, electronic gadgets, toys, dry food items, musical instruments, and clothing.

While efforts have brought the Maui wildfires under control, their aftermath is a grim sight, with over 2,000 acres scarred, 97 lives tragically lost, and 66 individuals yet to be located.

Trump’s affiliation with CityServe International isn’t recent; their collaborative humanitarian efforts trace back almost four years. Notably, during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, Trump joined forces with the organization to supply meals to the disadvantaged. She also played an instrumental role in dispatching a million meals to Ukraine and aiding refugees in Poland.

Post her political chapter in Washington DC, Trump has pivoted her attention towards philanthropy, dedicating her time to charitable endeavors and nurturing her three children, in Florida, alongside her spouse, Jared Kushner.

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