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Comer Admits Nobody Has Heard From Alleged Biden Informant for Three Years

James Comer


Comer Admits Nobody Has Heard From Alleged Biden Informant for Three Years

James Comer, the Kentucky Representative chairing the House Oversight Committee, has conceded that the committee lost contact with a critical informant in its investigation into the Biden family’s business affairs three years ago.

During an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, Comer provided an update on the Republican inquiry into allegations of corrupt business dealings involving President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma.

The allegations insinuate that Joe Biden participated in “influence peddling” during his tenure as Vice President under the Obama administration. However, no solid evidence has been produced to substantiate these claims so far.

Earlier in May, Comer had released a memo failing to detail any specifics of the alleged corruption involving the president. The Oversight Committee has also claimed possession of 17 audio recordings of Joe and Hunter Biden discussing an alleged criminal bribery scheme, the existence of which has been questioned by some Republicans.

In the conversation with Hannity, Comer identified the source of the tapes as a prominent member or owner of Burisma. According to him, the tapes are alleged to depict Joe Biden accepting a multimillion-dollar bribe, which he used as a “safety net.” When questioned about contact with the supposed Burisma informant, Comer revealed that no one has communicated with him for the past three years.

In a previous interview with Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo, Comer confessed their inability to locate a key informant in the Biden investigation. He emphasized the secretive nature of these informants and indicated that the majority of the people identified as possessing information about the Bidens were either in court, in jail, or missing.

Earlier this week, when questioned about the existence of the audio tapes that are crucial to their bribery allegations during an interview on Newsmax, Comer admitted their authenticity remains uncertain.

White House spokesperson Ian Sams has debunked the allegations, pointing out that every time a right-wing narrative on this claim collapses under minimal scrutiny, the goalposts are shifted. He mocked the missing informant, non-existent audio tapes, and the claim of coercion in a recent tweet. President Biden has also addressed the allegations, dismissing them as unfounded to reporters last week.

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