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Ivanka, Jared Created Fake Credentials To Save Trump: Proofs


Ivanka, Jared Created Fake Credentials To Save Trump: Proofs

Michael Cohen who is Donald Trump’s old personal attorney and self-described “fixer” is again in limelight, exposing him to the corruption he witnessed within the Trump Organization as well as the Trump family. And his image and issues are heating up.

Yesterday, polinews reported on Cohen’s recollection of a time that Donald Trump seemingly vacant up his son Don Jr. to maybe going to jail as a substitute for his daughter Ivanka. Since some legal issues are uprising it looked as though jail time may have been a possible outcome. As per Cohen’s deeper investigation, it feels like Donald’s precious daughter Ivanka is still in the woods.

Recently, Cohen showed up on MSNBC with host Ari Melber, where they debated over the New York Times report that Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg may be facing the axiomatic music as early as this summer. The doubt nearby Weisselberg for some time today is whether he will remain loyal to Donald Trump and suffer the ultimate consequences with a substantial prison sentence for himself and likely his children, or if he’ll turn state’s evidence against the former president to save his and his kids’ asses — which is what prosecutors are ultimately hoping for.

So, Allen has a choice. The choice is, do you want to spend the golden years of your life behind bars while remaining loyal to Donald Trump, knowing that Trump would 100 percent not be loyal to you, or are you going to allow yourself and your sons to go to prison versus pass along the information and try to get yourself some sort of leniency?” Cohen told the MSNBC host regarding the Weisselberg predicament.

On top of that, they have, again, documentary evidence – you know,” Trump’s former fixer continued, “the problem with everybody in the Trump Organization is that they all lie.

He continued that significant lies are something they are master in, Cohen is an expert who witnessed, as he did it and witnessed it himself, citing “the entire set up for the hush money for Stormy Daniels,” which Cohen claims Weisselberg helped him orchestrate.

“And they will continue, as I did, including with Congress. We all lied to protect Donald. The problem, though, is that there are documents that show the opposite, that I wasn’t the only one that lied in the creation of that document. It was Ivanka and Jared and the lawyers,” Cohen explained in a bombshell allegation against Trump’s eldest and favorite daughter and her husband.

All of them were involved in the setting up of that – of that information to Congress. So, yes, I’m the one that suffered the consequences, and I believe that Allen is going to suffer the same consequences.” Against the ex-president and his business, both the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance and New York District Attorney Letitia James have criminal investigations are ongoing.

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