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Dr. Jill Biden has Devised new Rules in preparation for a White House

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Dr. Jill Biden has Devised new Rules in preparation for a White House

With these New Rules, Dr. Jill Biden gets even pettier: she felt “second class”

Dr. The current first lady, Jill Biden, is clearly petty. For example, Biden stated that she got her oft-derided EDD, the degree that allows her to legally call herself a doctor because she felt “second class” without one. As he puts it:

“She said, ‘I was so sick of the mail coming to Sen. and Mrs. Biden. I wanted to get mail addressed to Dr. and Sen. Biden.’ That’s the real reason she got her doctorate.”

She’s gotten even prettier since then. “Dr.” Jill has devised new rules in preparation for a White House even for congressional spouses, which some see as a direct jab at those who haven’t done what the left wants when it comes to Covid.

Mrs. Erika Donalds, the wife of Republican Florida Rep. Byron Donalds, mocked the rules on Twitter, writing:

First Lady Jill Biden was kind enough to invite me & the other Congressional spouses to a reception at the White House. I just have to take a COVID test, & as an unvaccinated person (with natural immunity) I won’t be allowed to eat, drink, or talk to anyone. Should be a blast! 🥂

According to the as yet unverified screenshot she included with the tweet, those rules include the rule that “Fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear a mask on the White House grounds. Guests who are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask at all times, including abstaining from eating or drinking, and maintain at least 6 feet distance from others while on the White House grounds.”

While some may defend the rules by claiming that they are simply an attempt to keep people safe, the fact that the White House Covid guidelines for those visiting the facility are considerably less severe makes that seem unlikely. The following are the rules for public tours, which were recently announced:

First Lady Jill Biden steps out of the White House: (Photo Credit: Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images)

The White House will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation with guidance based on recommendations from the CDC, and other public health officials and medical experts, and reserves the right to adjust the availability of the public tours as necessary to adhere to the latest health guidance.

Within the 10 days prior to the public tour, anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 has had any COVID-19 symptoms, or has been in close contact with someone confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19, should stay home. Face masks will be available when entering the White House complex for those who choose to wear them.

As a result, it looks that “Dr.” Jill isn’t just doing what she feels is “safe,” whatever that means, but is instead establishing regulations to make people who oppose her husband’s Covid policies feel unwanted and unlikely to attend.

Perhaps not, but given the gap between what is expected of congressional wives and what is required of visitors, “Dr. Jill” appears to be becoming petty and doing what will keep her husband’s opponents from feeling at ease at what should be a nonpartisan event.

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