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Former White House adviser claims Biden administration is the “epicenter” of child trafficking

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Former White House adviser claims Biden administration is the “epicenter” of child trafficking

It is self-evident that open borders are harmful to the American people. Many illegal immigrants are taking jobs from Americans and receiving taxpayer-funded benefits under President Joe Biden.

But that isn’t all. The fact that illegal immigration is harmful to illegal immigrants is frequently unreported. Open border policies encourage migrant human trafficking.

This is not changing under Biden’s administration. According to one former White House adviser, Biden is currently running the “world’s epicenter” of child trafficking.

Former Trump administration senior policy advisor Stephen Miller confirmed this in an interview with the Washington Examiner.

“Joe Biden’s decision to resettle all unaccompanied illegal minors from beyond Mexico in the United States, and to place them with unvetted adult sponsors, makes him and his party in Congress responsible for the largest child smuggling epidemic in human history,” Miller told the Examiner.

“It has enriched virtually every major child smuggler in the hemisphere and far beyond. It has filled the ranks of MS-13. It has created a monstrous industry of vast global reach. And it has made America’s border into the world’s epicenter of labor trafficking, sex trafficking, and modern-day slavery.”

You don’t have to reach too far back into the news to find an example of such horrors.

According to an Aug. 18 DOJ news release, a “family” of three Guatemalan nationals and siblings was recently charged with kidnapping, forced labor, and conspiracy for coercing two minors.

The group used a “family loophole” in the American immigration system to bring two young girls into the country between December 2015 and March 2021.

This was already an issue prior to the Biden administration. It has become nearly impossible to solve now that Biden has opened the border.

According to the Washington Times, one 10-year-old girl who was brought across the border by the recently charged family was “raped repeatedly, stabbed with a kitchen knife, and subjected to regular beatings.”

The Biden administration, according to Jessica Vaughan, the CIS’s police studies director, is to blame for the girl’s abuse.

“This case is truly sickening. But it’s also terribly frustrating because the federal government is fully aware of the potential for such awful things to be done to young kids under the current system, but refuses to put in place policies to prevent it,” Vaughan said.

She even suggested that Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, was an accomplice in all of this.

“In fact, [Mayorkas] is an accomplice to this kind of trafficking and abuse because he has implemented the policies that enable it. It shouldn’t take rape and miscarriage to discover this abuse,” Vaughan said.

More young migrants will likely be beaten, raped, and forced to work against their will until Biden takes action to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the border.

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