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Biden Blanks during Coast Guard Changing Of the Guard Ceremony, While CNN Captures Classic Fail Moment

US President Joe Biden


Biden Blanks during Coast Guard Changing Of the Guard Ceremony, While CNN Captures Classic Fail Moment

On Tuesday, Joe Biden‘s brain was not functioning properly.

During the Coast Guard changing of the guard ceremony in the morning, his brain seemed to disintegrate.

Biden then forgot the name of his Health and Human Services Secretary during a later appearance about the baby formula shortage.

The White House transcript fails to note the failed attempt to say Xavier Becerra’s name.

Biden also didn’t seem to understand how much formula was being brought in the most recent batch, claiming that “3.7 bottles” were being flown in when the actual number was 3.7 million.

However, as we noted, the Biden campaign can’t seem to get their narrative straight on when and what they knew about the baby formula crisis. Biden stated he found out in April, former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and then-Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the White House found out in February, depending on who you listen to (when the FDA shut down Abbott over questions about their formula). Meanwhile, Becerra says he’s known since last year.

Unfortunately, Biden’s people do not appear to be any more capable than Biden himself.

What’s the bottom line? They did nothing to solve a problem that had been present for months until parents raised enough of a fuss about it in the media this past month, despite the fact that the FDA’s shutdown of Abbott exacerbated the situation and they should have known there would be a problem. However, the issue has existed since last year, albeit the Abbott shutdown exacerbated it.

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper, who spoke with NEC Director Brian Deese, was mystified by what they were doing and why they hadn’t informed Biden earlier.

Tapper does a good job of setting out the problematic timeline that took so long, despite the Biden team’s claims that they approached it as quickly as they could.

As per CNN, Deese dared to say that they were going to “investigate” what happened in the timeline of events. Tapper responded, “I don’t need the FDA to investigate itself to come to the judgment that they did not act quickly enough, and on behalf of all of the frustrated moms and dads and guardians out there, I hope you don’t either.”

But if there was one moment that encapsulated the Biden Administration’s failure on this issue and everything else, it was this one. Brian Deese tries to make it sound like they’ve taken this seriously. The camera then abruptly went over, as though reality had hit them in the face. Tapper’s reaction was something else.

That just says it all.

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