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Trump’s aides were shocked by his ignorance and that he “knew nothing about so many things”

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Trump’s aides were shocked by his ignorance and that he “knew nothing about so many things”

If his single term in office didn’t make it clear, Donald Trump wasn’t exactly prepared to be President of the United States. He’d never held public office. He never seemed to understand how the majority of government works.

He didn’t seem to do anything other than watch TV, rage-tweet, and yell at reporters in front of deafening helicopters. It’s not surprising, then, that his aides were reportedly shocked by the depths of his ignorance.

According to Raw Story, reporters Peter Baker and Susan Glasser appeared on Morning Joe on Tuesday to discuss their new book The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021.

Co-host Jonathan Lemire focused on one of the strangest revelations from his lone term in office: that he promised Jordan’s King Abdullah II the West Bank. Trump would have known that was not something Abdullah would have wanted if he had known anything about Jordan’s relationship with the Palestinian people.

To Baker and Glasser, this story is emblematic of Trump’s worldview, which Baker described as “very superficial and transactional.”

It also speaks to his knowledge of foreign policy, which they said was “very, very much built on the basis of someone who didn’t spend a single day in the office prior to becoming president and he had a lot to learn.”

In talking to aides they discovered some shocking stuff. “He didn’t know the difference between the Baltics and Balkans,” Baker said. “One aide was saying he knew nothing about so many things, it was startling to them even after they spent time in his presence.”

According to one of Trump’s national security advisers, John Bolton, Trump had no idea where Ukraine was. Maybe the second time is the charm!

Trump has yet to officially announce his candidacy, but despite being preoccupied with other pressing matters, he will most likely do so. After all, it will not only give him a short break from learning about world geography, but it will also keep him out of slammers.

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