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Jill Biden was criticized for using foul slang in an interview


Jill Biden was criticized for using foul slang in an interview

Jill Biden, M.D. While discussing her marriage with President, she inadvertently uttered a slang phrase with a very inappropriate meaning. Vice President Joe Biden According to a recent interview. According to the First Lady, while they always support one another, they quarrel just like any other couple. However, the couple’s charming nickname for those heated moments has a darker meaning, as Suggestt reported.

Jill Biden’s Accidentally Obscene Confession

Jill Biden Harper’s Bazaar sat down with us. In a late-December interview, the First Lady discussed her intimate relationship with Joe Biden. Jill, Joe’s wife of 45 years, is undoubtedly one of his biggest supporters. She shared the following with the outlet: “I try to be a support for Joe because I don’t know how many people are saying to him, ‘That was great. That was brilliant.’ I try to be that person for him.”

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She’s especially empathetic to her husband after seeing how much criticism he’s faced during his first year in office. “Some days, I see Joe and I’m just like, ‘I don’t know how you’re doing it,’” Jill explained, adding, “It’s the pandemic and then it’s the war, and then it’s the economy and then it’s the gas prices. You feel like you’re being slammed.” 

There are plenty of sex fights for President Joe Biden

Jill is willing to admit that, despite her support, Joe and Jill have had to fight. That’s difficult to deal with when you’re surrounded by Secret Service agents all the time. To avoid embarrassing public quarrels with their spouses in front of so many witnesses, Jill and Joe Biden decided to argue over messages.

Jill recalls recently texting Joe and receiving his reply. “Joe said, ‘You realize that’s going to go down in history. There will be a record of that.’”She smiled. “I won’t tell you what I called him that time.”They called it this. “texting,” It sounds pretty cute until you look it up on Google. 

What is it? ‘Fexting’What does it actually mean?

Urban Dictionary defines The term as an abbreviation for “f*cking while texting,” or “sexting” as it was originally known. It can also refer to the act of trying to text someone by clicking random keys on your phone screen.

Perhaps Jill should have run the term by a younger family member or trusted friend before using it in the interview to ensure there were no other meanings that could come back to embarrass her, but it was a simple oversight.

We wonder if the first couple will continue to use the lingo that served them so well during Joe’s vice presidency and into his first presidential term now that they understand what that means. Hopefully, this event will not discourage them from making up their own lingo; it’s one of the most fun parts of being part of a couple.

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