Zenith Heritage Cronometro Tipo CP-2 Watch

At Baselworld 2016, I had a sneak peak at this new limited-edition Zenith Heritage Cronometro Tipo CP-2 watch that is based on a set of 2,500 timepieces Zenith made for the Italian military in the 1960s. Continue reading Zenith Heritage Cronometro Tipo CP-2 Watch

Stylish Stealthy Scooter By Eduard Bockaj

Asking himself, “what would James Bond steal from Batman for a joyride in Monaco”, designer Eduard Bockaj crafted and built this stealthy scooter as a daily driver for himself! Made for two riders, it’s designed to deliver two people from the yacht to the casino in style. Continue reading Stylish Stealthy Scooter By Eduard Bockaj

You Should Never Reheat These 7 Food Items!

There are certain cuisines which we like to eat over and over again. So when our favourite dish is made at our home, we always try that we eat the same dish three times a day. And so we often end up reheating the food items over and over again. But there are some food items which grow toxic when heated again.

You Should Never Reheat These 7 Food Items!

1. Potato
Once the cooked potato cools down, the bacteria which causes botulism flourishes in it. This disease is seriously dreadful for our health. When you re-heat the potatoes, the bacteria flourishes. So if you really do care for your health, do not heat potato more than twice.

2. Spinach
Spinach is undoubtedly beneficial for our health. It is one such veggie which is loaded with goodness. But apart from this, it is also loaded with nitrates. These nitrates, when heated, are converted into toxic substances.

3. Beetroot
Beetroot helps in blood production mechanism of our body. But just like spinach, beetroot is also rich in nitrates, which turn poisonous when heated.

4. Chicken
Chicken is nourished with a high amount of proteins. But once again, the proteins gets difficult to be digested when heated again.

5. Oil
When the oil is reheated, toxic substance called aldehyde is produced. This chemical can single-handedly cause cancers.

6. Mushrooms
Just like chicken, mushroom is also rich in protein, but the quantity is a bit lower than that of chicken. Certain elements of protein create discomfort in digestive system when they are reheated.

7. Eggs
Eggs are yet another protein rich food which shouldn’t be heated again once cooked. It gets difficult for the digestive system to digest the reheated proteins.

Fashion Central International Magazine July Issue 2016

The July 2016 issue of the Fashion Central International is offered for viewing. Every page of the online magazine has an appeal of its own and the online followers of the magazine will feel heartened with the informative content and cheered by the images that are loaded with viewing pleasure. Content summary has been summed up in a way that the viewer can select and categorise priorities and focus on the relevant areas of the magazine.More aspects of the magazine are underlined below.

July 2016 issue of the Fashion Central International

The magazine is spread over 53 pages.
Content revolves around, national and international events, celebrity interviews, a section on luxury & Travel.
It is available for viewing directly from the website in a magazine format.
It is available for FREE DOWNLOAD so that our users can easily access it offline.
Online viewer is offered a Mobile Friendly Experience.
Viewers are expected to respond and let us know what they loved anything they would like to be added.

Fashion Central Online Media Group, operate over two dozen online portals which have a global viewership of over 3 million page loads a month, and commands a vibrant social media community of over 1 million followers. Not only that, Fashion Central has Over 100,000 completely opt in Newsletter subscribers and 200,000 million viewers our online video channels. Fashion Central is an e-Magazine of Pakistan, which provides coverage to the events in Pakistani Fashion Industry. To maximize its readership and global viewership, this exclusive online portal is into active publications of international fashion content including trendiest fashion shows, product reviews, celebrity stories and many more. Fashion Central “Online Portal” has the philosophy to bring you what is new and fresh.

The content is updated on hourly and regular basis to keep informing its potential and current readers about special features on beauty, health and fitness. Moreover, updates on latest fashion shows event launches and fashion reviews are the dominant features of this e Magazine. Also included on the magazine are segments on luxury, travel and MENZ grooming. Fashion Central was founded in 2007 with an idea to provide a ‘Central Online Portal’ about all fashion related affairs. This magazine has won PASHA ICT Award in 2010. Its eight organized categories of fashion Pakistan, beauty & style, people & parties, living & lifestyle, international fashion, men’s corner, shopping and blog, fashion lovers learn about pure Pakistani fashion traditions and enriched lifestyle.

2020 Lotus Elise to Remain True to Its Roots

A new Lotus Elise will go on sale in 2020, Lotus boss Jean-Marc Gales has indicated. Work on the redesigned two-seat roadsteris believed to have already begun, coinciding with news that Lotus is on course to make a profit for the first time in 20 years in 2017.  Although Gales said only that the car will be “ready in 2020”, he also gave clues as to the design philosophy and engineering make-up of the car.

2020 Lotus Elise

Chief among these is that the car will stay true to its lightweight roots, using the same extruded aluminium chassis technology pioneered on the original Elise S1, which went on sale in 1996, and which underpins all of Lotus’s cars today. Autocar understands the new car will bear “little to no” relation to the 2010 Elise concept. That car was considerably more powerful and heavier than today’s Elise, as well as being targeted at buyers interested in a considerably higher price point than the current car’s £30,000-£40,000.

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Instead, the new Elise will remain true to the design and engineering philosophy of today’s car. “The Elise chassis has often been copied but never equalled,” said Gales, in reference to the current car. “Combine that with the steering feel and you have something truly special. The DNA of that car is its light weight, its steering feel and the balance of power and driveability.

2020 Lotus Elise

At every price point it is sold in, it is the fastest car for the money and always the most special to drive.” Key to the new chassis will be an absolute focus on weight reduction. Gales said: “Today, we are still setting benchmarks for lightweight cars, just as Colin Chapman did when he founded the company. It is a philosophy we want to continue, no matter what car we build.”  Gales also highlighted the Elise Cup 250, unveiled at the Geneva motor show this year, as an example of what the company can achieve. He singled out its 921kg kerb weight as something “others try to get close to but never equal” and also said: “The benefits of light weight are enormous, from the speed of the car through to the opportunities to make it handle better.” A target weight of 900kg is believed to have been set for the new Elise, despite the additional challenges involved in building the car to meet US regulations.

2020 Lotus Elise

Although that is a stark rise over the original S1’s 725kg in particular, the need to hit US crash regulation targets may dictate that while the car will be no longer than the current Elise’s 3.7 metres, it needs to be wider in order to incorporate side airbags and extra crash structures. That, in turn, presents a challenge to keep cabin entry and egress for the driver and passenger simple. However, Lotus has made great strides in this area with the Evora and engineers are said to be confident they can do the same again.

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The firm has also greatly reduced the weight of its composite body panels in recent years and, in time, super-lightweight variants of the car are expected to be delivered and hit target weights of below 900kg. Lotus is currently launching the revamped Evora 400 in the US and Gales has made no secret of the fact that he sees growth in that market as key to driving increased profits at the Norfolk firm.

2020 Lotus Elise

“Our biggest markets today are Japan, Britain, Germany and France in that order,” said Gales. “But there is no question that the US will be our number one market, with sales of the Evora 400 starting there this summer. It represents a fantastic opportunity.” The original Elise’s core design has evolved from the iconic Julian Thomson-penned original over the past 20 years, and the new car is expected to follow the trend for more instantly arresting design, while maintaining the car’s familiar shape and design cues.  It is not clear if emissions legislation will push Lotus towards running a power-assisted steering system. However, while talking about Lotus’s DNA, Gales emphasised that the purity of steering feel, for which the firm is famed, will never be compromised. “We have steering that nobody else has matched,” he said.

2020 Lotus Elise

“That is part of our company and we will never do anything that disrupts that. It is a core part of Lotus.” As now, power is expected to come from a Toyota unit that is reworked by Lotus. Although Gales would not be drawn on the specifics, he offered broad praise of the Japanese firm when probed on the subject. “The Toyota engine isn’t just proven as a great engine for the Elise across a variety of power outputs. It also has tremendous reliability,” he said. “The warranty data is so impressive. We have invested a lot in the Toyota relationship and it is really successful.” A key part of managing the new Elise’s roll-out will be which power outputs are made available. Autocar expects the current car to be evolved between now and 2020, in terms of power, weight and equipment, but it seems likely that the outputs of the new Elise will closely mirror the 134bhp to 243bhp available today to attract as broad a customer base as possible.

Group of Former Wrestlers Sue WWE Over Brain injuries

More than 50 former wrestlers and performers have filed suit against the WWE, claiming that it hid the risk of brain trauma and failed to provide wrestlers with necessary medical attention and support.

The wrestlers, who include Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, allege that the WWE knew about the potential for brain injury and was not only negligent in its failure to address it, but went so far as to withhold and cover up the risks as well.

“WWE placed corporate gain over its wrestlers’ health, safety, and financial security, choosing to leave the plaintiffs severely injured and with no recourse to treat their damaged minds and bodies.” In a statement, the WWE basically says this lawsuit is based on lies and is likely to be thrown out of court. “This is another ridiculous attempt by the same attorney who has previously filed class action lawsuits against WWE, both of which have been dismissed,” the WWE says. “A federal judge has already found that this lawyer made patently false allegations about WWE, and this is more of the same. We’re confident this lawsuit will suffer the same fate as his prior attempts and be dismissed. 

As the WWE notes, this same law firm has gone after it before without much luck. Its last case was dismissed in March, but Cageside Seats reported at the time that the court left some amount, albeit not much, of an opening for a future lawsuit. That rested on whether the WWE hurt performers by failing to give them information that it should have.

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This new suit addresses that, claiming that wrestlers’ injuries “were caused by the WWE’s acts and/or omissions.” There’s also a separate piece to this lawsuit where performers claim that they were incorrectly hired as independent contractors, rather than full employees. That’s a big part of the story here and affects whether wrestlers should have received medical protections that would have been afforded to a proper employee.

Regardless of the legal avenue, the lawsuit’s intention is to get the WWE to address what the many wresters claim are serious neurological injuries they sustained while performing. “Each of the named plaintiffs as a WWE performer sustained neurological injuries by simply participating in WWE matches,” the suit alleges. Increasingly, we’ve seen former athletes targeting the corporations behind their sports for failing to address health issues they should have known about. Most notably, the NFL has agreed to a $1 billion settlement over concussion lawsuits by former players.

Fashion Central international June Issue 2016

June  2016 issue of the Fashion Central International is live and available for review at one click.In response to the viewers needs ,the magazine comes up high resolution images of prominent events and items of immense interest.As for the content it is most relevant and makes interesting reading.Surely it will make you feel updated about varied events.Other features of the magazine include.

Fashion Central international June Issue 2016

Continue reading Fashion Central international June Issue 2016

Bacary Sagna’s WAG Ludivine Pictured in a Red Bikini

Bacary Sagna’s red hot WAG Ludivine looks incredible on the sands as he overcomes Euro defeat with family holiday in Miami. He is bouncing back from a crushing defeat in the Euro 2016 final with France. 

Bacary Sagna Red Bikini

But Bacary Sagna did so in the sun on Thursday with his stunning wife Ludivine by his side as they kicked back on the beach in Miami with sons Elias and Kais, and their friends’ toddler. 

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The French International Football player appeared to have chosen the perfect way to unwind following an unfortunate end to the championship in Paris.

Bacary Sagna Red Bikini

She looked like a true superwoman balancing her mummy duties with her dedication to husband of five years Bacary. 

Ludivine was consistently picked out for being one of the best-looking French WAGs in the stands at this year’s Euros.

Bacary Sagna Red Bikini

The stunning mum-of-two was there, along with her boys, through the trials and the tribulations of the tournament. 

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The final game saw home-side France defeated by Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal last week when the match went to Extra Time in the 109th minute, despite their star player being taken off for injury.

Bacary Sagna Red Bikini

It was a disappointing defeat for the French side as it was their first defeat on home soil in 19 games, since 1960 third-place play-off. 

After their holiday, Sagna will get straight back into pre-season training with manager Pep Guardiola, who will be his new boss thanks to a move from Arsenal in September 2015.

Bacary Sagna Red Bikini

Via: dailymail

Homemade Limoncello Is a Bartender’s Best Friend

If you think of limoncello as a Lysol-scented, saccharine-sweet liqueur, think again. While many store-bought bottles are suspect, homemade is a whole other story.

Homemade Limoncello

Smooth and bright with zesty lemon notes, a bottle of limoncello makes for an excellent edible gift for cocktail lovers, particularly when paired with a bottle of sparkling wine for a limoncello-Champagne cocktail.

limoncello-Champagne cocktail

Granted, it takes a bit of advance planning, but aside from the wait time necessary for the lemon peels to infuse their essential oils in the liquor,

it’s a very low-fuss process, and it is easy to make in large batches to be divvied up in multiple gifts. Just whatever you do, tuck away a bottle for yourself as well — your cocktails will thank you . . .

limoncello-Champagne cocktail


For gift-worthy presentation, decant the limoncello into a swing-top bottle.


11 lemons
1 750-ml bottle of Everclear, or other overproof grain spirit (140+ proof)
3 cups (21 ounces) granulated sugar
3 cups boiling water


  1. Peel wide strips of lemon zest (avoiding as much of the white pith as possible) with a sharp vegetable peeler; reserve lemons for another use. Add the lemon peels to a 1-liter (or larger) airtight container and top off with the Everclear.
  2. Let stand at room temperature in a dark place for at least 3 days and up to 1 week.
  1. After the infusing period is over, stir together the sugar and boiling water until the sugar has dissolved; allow to cool. Combine the lemon peel/Everclear solution with the sugar syrup in an airtight container (two if necessary, space wise) and refrigerate 1 day.
  2. Strain out the lemon peels and bottle. Store in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Homemade Limoncello

Zayn Malik Covers ‘Paper’ Magazine

When Zayn Malik left One Direction in March 2015, honest-to-god tears flowed across the globe. Just Google “Zayn leaving crying” and the Internet will burst open with videos and tweets of young people all over the world sharing their unfiltered sorrow, including his former bandmate Harry Styles, who was caught wiping his eyes while on stage at 1D’s first post-Zayn show. Continue reading Zayn Malik Covers ‘Paper’ Magazine