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Brody Jenner Shares Concerns Regarding Kaitlynn’s Baby Daddy


Brody Jenner Shares Concerns Regarding Kaitlynn’s Baby Daddy

Brody informed Kaitlynn he only wanted to make sure she was “with the right person” after admitting he was “hurt.” She kept him out of the loop after he admitted he was “hurt.”

Season 2 final of “The Hills: New Beginnings” demonstrated how far Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter have progressed since the show’s comeback in 2019.

When the show first aired two years ago, the two had already split up in real life, and season 1 chronicled the beginning of their breakup. Viewers have seen them date different people and, in Kaitlyn’s case, become pregnant during the second season. Last week, Kaitlynn finally told her ex she was waiting, but Brody’s reaction was left as a cliffhanger.

“Unfortunately, I heard a little through the vine,” Jenner said at the front of the class, and Kaitlynn responded she didn’t want it to happen.

“Listen, how well do you know this guy?” he then asked for her boyfriend and father of her future baby Kristopher Brock. “We spent 6 years together and I think I was one of the last people to find out that was what hurt me the most.”

Carter stated that she wanted to speak with him privately about the news but couldn’t find the perfect time. He pushed back, claiming that they had only hung out for two of them and his dogs. At the very least, he admitted that “this is not my case.”

“It’s your case, it was important for me to tell you about it,” Carter insisted. “It was right from the start; it was a priority for me.” She also admitted that it was a difficult task to prepare for and that it made her “a little anxious,” even with her parents.

“You’ve always told me how you want to be a mother, it’s your dream in life. I know for a fact that you want to be the best mother ever,” Brody finally told her – before adding: “I just want to make sure you that you are with the right person. “

In a confession, he revealed a little more about his worries, saying, “It’s just a little soon, but I do not know.” He added: “What has been done is done. I just hope she makes the right decision. In the end, I just want to see her happy. If I do not think she makes the right choice, I will definitely let her knows it. “

According to the source: After a one-on-one, Jenner had a conversation with Audrina Patridge about how the conversation with Kaitlynn went. He reiterated that he knew Carter would be “an incredible mother,” but felt “left out” that she waited so long to tell him about the pregnancy. He then added: “My biggest concern was him, who is he, I have never met him. I thought it was soon. I trust her judgment; I trust she knows what she is doing.”

Meanwhile, Carter told Kristopher that her Brody speech felt like a “huge weight” had been lifted off her shoulders. “I appreciate Brody’s concern, but there were 6 years of my life I was waiting for when I was waiting with Brody to have children,” she added in a statement, “That’s what I know I won’t, and that’s also what Kris wants. “

According to MCU Times, Brock was “really excited” to finally meet Jenner in person once that was out of the way.

At the end of the session, the three of them crossed paths as part of a Wild West-themed evening, with Brody congratulating them right away. Before they had some awkward – but emotional – conversation, Jenner stated he had heard “a lot of very nice things” about Kristopher.

“He seems kind, he seems nice,” Brody said in a confession. “I do not know anything about him. I think it’s a little fast that she’s already pregnant … it was fast. You never know.”

“I think things will only improve from here given a little time and lingering under different circumstances,” Carter added. “They do not hit each other in the face.”

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