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Prince William Fled the UK To Avoid Harry’s London Visit: ‘Not Willing To Forgive’ Harry?


Prince William Fled the UK To Avoid Harry’s London Visit: ‘Not Willing To Forgive’ Harry?

Did Prince William Fluchte from the UK Prince Harry‘s visit. One tabloid claims the Duke of Cambridge wanted to avoid his brother at all costs. Let’Let’s take another look at this bizarre rumor.

This week’s edition of Woman’s Day Reports indicates that the rift between Prince Harry, Prince William, and Meghan Markle is not yet healed. Sources say William and Kate Middleton escaped Dodge as Harry and Meghan Markle made a quick stop in London for a visit to the queen while on their way to the Netherlands. The tabloid’s insider explains that the Sussexes made their plans known to the royal family months ago, and the Cambridges conveniently made themselves unavailable, choosing to go on a ski trip in France.

“William felt that while the queen and his father might be ready to forgive Harry for all his recent attacks on the family, he himself is not even close to breaking bread with his brother. Wills made sure there was no chance of running into Harry and Meghan at Windsor Castle by skipping town,” According to the tipster. Harry appears to feel the exact same way about William, as he seems to have dodged a question regarding his brother during an interview with the Today show.

Another possibility is that the Sussexes are plotting to get into power. “part-time royals,” In this case, William will need to deal with them when he is king. “If in fact his grandmother and father welcome Harry back into the fold, despite all the harm that’s been done, it’s William who is going to be burdened with Harry when he ascends the throne,” The snitch ends.

William ‘Not Willing To Forgive’ Harry?

The tabloid seems to be grossly overestimating its insight into the royals’ plans. First, we don’t know when the Sussexes planned to visit Britain. The tabloid doesn’t either. It’s totally possible that William and Middleton didn’t know about the trip until their own vacation was planned. We have no way to know and neither does the tabloid.

And it’s totally possible that the Cambridges preferred not to reunite with the Sussexes, but we also know that William isn’t incapable of sharing a room with Harry. Since moving to the U.S., Harry has visited the UK twice—and both times he was photographed interacting positively with William. So, it’s pretty clear to us that the outlet was at least exaggerating the severity of the tension lingering between the royal brothers.

The Tabloid on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Besides, we’ve busted Woman’s Day enough times to know that it isn’t a reliable source anywhere the royals are concerned. The outlet reported earlier this year that Meghan Markle killed Queen Elizabeth. in a “cruel letter.”The magazine also claimed that Markle had forced Harry to stop contact with Princesses Eugenie, Beatrice, and Mary. The rag also claimed that Harry and Markle were preparing for a wedding. a “make or break” vacation to Oprah Winfrey’s ski lodge. Obviously, Woman’s Day doesn’t really have any spies lurking around the royal family.

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