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Teacher at Catholic school for deaf children put on leave after reportedly throwing a student: ‘Malicious act’


Teacher at Catholic school for deaf children put on leave after reportedly throwing a student: ‘Malicious act’

A teacher at an Ohio Catholic school for deaf children was suspended after being accused of throwing a 9-year-old student. According to local WCPO, the Dec. 6 incident at St. Rita School for the Deaf in Evendale, Ohio, north of Cincinnati, was recorded on security tape and released to local media by the mother of the kid involved.

The video appears to show the unknown teacher lifting up the little girl in a hallway before the video glitches and continues when the youngster is on the ground. Another viewpoint of the incident shows the teacher scooping up the girl in the corridor, but the details of what happened after that are unknown.

“No matter what way you watch it, it’s very obvious that that was a malicious act. It wasn’t accidental,” Alexys Wells told WCPO. “When I had first seen the video, I was so outraged that I had to take a minute. I was completely speechless, and couldn’t really focus on what I wanted to say.

“She’s completely non-verbal, so the very first thing that she did was demonstrate what had happened with her teacher,” Wells said of her daughter, who reenacted what happened to her mother and communicated it through sign language. “She just continuously was like, ‘My teacher threw me, my teacher threw me, my teacher threw me. She was angry, she threw me.’”

Wells further spoke out against the school, saying the school “didn’t say what exactly happened or what led up to it, nothing.” “The school didn’t really tell me. [The school president] said she was having issues with transitioning. Because of her brain disorder, she does have issues with transitioning between subject to subject or task to task,” Wells explained.

The next day, St. Rita School reported what transpired as “a minor incident,” according to Wells. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati maintains St. Rita School, which confirmed to Fox News Digital that “an incident involving a teacher occurred” on December 6 that is still being investigated, that local law enforcement was notified, and that the teacher has subsequently been placed on administrative leave.

“Any actions by a St. Rita School staff member that do not exemplify respect and dignity for the children entrusted to our care are addressed promptly,” the spokesperson continued. “The safety of students and staff at St. Rita School is of paramount importance.” “In the interest of privacy for the child involved and because this is a personnel matter, no additional information is available at this time.”

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