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Chinese brothers use a hand Cart to Pull their Sick Mother from the Hospital 22 Miles to their Home

Two brothers China carried elderly mother miles


Chinese brothers use a hand Cart to Pull their Sick Mother from the Hospital 22 Miles to their Home

Two Chinese brothers showcased their unconditional love for their mother by traveling 22.37 miles with a hand-pull cart to bring her home from the hospital.

Xu Guizhi, 86, was recently released from the hospital after undergoing surgery in April for an unknown illness. Her sons Liu Bo and Liu Guang needed to think of the best way to transport her to their home in Shandong Province, China, because she suffers from severe motion sickness, according to the South China Morning Post.

“My mother will vomit after less than 30 minutes in a car or even an electric tricycle,” Guang told the Morning Post. “She can only ride a rickshaw without feeling sick, but it does not have enough room for her to lie down.”

When they brought their mother to the hospital, she vomited blood, according to the elder brother. He and Bo decided to bring their mother home on a hand-pull cart, but they told Chinese media that they couldn’t find a suitable cart at their local steel market.

Chinese brothers carry Sick Mother
The brothers made it home three hours sooner than they expected with help from friends and family. Photo: Weibo

Guang considered buying wheels to make a cart, but the brothers found the ideal one in their uncle’s yard. They padded the surface of the steel cart with a sponge so their mother wouldn’t slip. They also added a rain cloth and a curtain to protect her from the elements and the sun.

The brothers’ journey was previously planned to last 10 hours, but thanks to the help of family members and friends, it only took slightly more than seven hours.

“We divided people into pairs, and each pair pulled two to three kilometers at a time,” Guang said.

Throughout the journey, the elder brother would ask their mother if she was feeling well, and she would frequently respond by urging them to take a break.

“It’s the right thing to do to look after our parents when they’re old because that is how they raised us,” Guang was quoted as saying.

“I love that they still respond when I call ‘mum’ or ‘dad.’ I can still wash my mother’s feet and my father’s head when they need me,” he added. “Something as simple as sitting next to them makes me happy.”

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