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Bride Surprises Groom at Their Wedding by Jokingly Blowing ‘Dust’ Off Her Vows


Bride Surprises Groom at Their Wedding by Jokingly Blowing ‘Dust’ Off Her Vows

Byron and Christie Jefferies’ wedding was filled with humor, which the couple says is a key to their relationship

In a now-viral wedding video, a South Carolina bride with a sense of humor blew the “dust” off her vows.

According to NBC affiliate WYFF, Byron and Christie Jefferies married on Oct. 15 at The School House Venue in Travelers Rest. The ceremony occurred approximately 15 years after the Clemson University alums began dating in early 2007.

According to Christie, Byron was adamant about having personalized vows rather than traditional ones. So, when it came to her turn, Christie incorporated their shared sense of humor into her speech.

In the viral video, the bride begins the reading by blowing “dust” off the paper, surprising Byron.

Byron is then seen laughing and shaking his head as guests watching the ceremony burst out laughing.

On The School House Venue’s TikTok page, the video has received over 2.5 million likes and has been viewed nearly 21 million times.

WYFF reported that Byron, an architect, and professor, proposed to Christie nearly a year ago on Nov. 13, 2021, at Clemson University, where the two first met in 2006.

According to the outlet, the couple faced numerous challenges in the decade and a half before their marriage, including financial difficulties, long-distance dating, and the death of Byron’s father in 2011.

WYFF reported that humor has always been at the heart of their relationship, making Christie’s joke all the more poignant.

The couple hopes their story inspires other couples while also making people laugh.

“I don’t think we could have gotten through 15 years together without laughter and love,” Byron told the outlet.

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