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Mother sparks serious debate as she slams mother-in-law for demanding ‘expenses’ while looking after grandson: “She refuses to use the train”


Mother sparks serious debate as she slams mother-in-law for demanding ‘expenses’ while looking after grandson: “She refuses to use the train”

One mother was furious after her mother-in-law requested compensation for her travel expenses while caring for her grandson. With the New Year coming, many parents will be returning to work and relying on family members to help with childcare.

However, a mother-of-one has caused an online controversy after revealing that her mother-in-law is requesting reimbursement for expenses incurred while caring for her son. The anonymous user said on the internet forum Mumsnet that she is returning to work part-time next week.

While she will be using a childminder one day per week, her partner’s mother has agreed to look after her grandson on the other days. “We live in a village with strong rail connections, and we have offered to pay for a network rail card and her train ticket to us each time she looks after him,” she explained according to the Mirror.

However, she has stated that she would be driving to us each time and that she would rather that we simply pay her per mile in petrol. This was just £5 cheaper than hiring a childminder for the day….whereas the railway ticket was simply a few quid.”

“The whole idea of asking MIL was to save money with me returning to work,” the mother continued. “She refuses to use the train and claims that if we don’t pay her gas, she won’t be able to care for him.” We’d then have to hire a babysitter, which we just cannot afford.”

According to the Heart, She questioned other internet users if she was being unreasonable, stating, “She’d throwing up a great stink over it but part of me believes she’s doing us a favor so maybe I shouldn’t complain?”

Her other half, she claims, “says we should figure things out amongst ourselves because he’s not worried either way.” The story quickly brought attention, and other parents were divided over what to do next.

So you expect your MIL to care after your child for free and then get irritated because she won’t do as you tell her,” one user scolded. “How would she travel about during the day if she didn’t arrive by car?” another agreed. I’d rather drive than walk or wait in the cold.”

And a third said, “Childminder all the way, then none of this nonsense.” £5 more per week? “I would do it.” Someone person objected, asking, “It’s not only gas money, is it?” The MIL wants to be paid per mile. That’s actually beneficial!”

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