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‘Walk to the light’: Woman’s final words to dying husband goes viral


‘Walk to the light’: Woman’s final words to dying husband goes viral

On April 4, a video clip of the goodbye was released on Douyin, capturing the hearts of many Chinese internet users.

On April 4, their grandson Qi, who goes by Qi, uploaded video footage of the goodbye to Douyin. Over 4 million individuals have already seen the private exchange.

In the video, the wife can be seen caressing her husband’s hair and urging him to “go to the light.”

“Stroll toward the light. According to the South China Morning Post, the lady from Tianjin municipality said to her husband, “Don’t get lost. “Release everything. Let’s go without remorse if it’s time to go.

Even though she was aware that it would not materialize, she continued to speak of a lovely future with her husband.

“Return home after your ailment has been treated. Let’s keep each other company for a few more years and then ask our kids to throw a large celebration for our 60th wedding anniversary,” she added. “I won’t be stopping by to see you soon. At home, I’ll be waiting for you.

Qi said that others who saw the goodbye in the sick ward were inconsolable.

Many who were moved by the goodbye on social media expressed their respect for the couple’s love.

It is love. The user allegedly stated, “Despite how hard it was for her to let go of him, she still hoped he would depart the world properly.

Another person said, “I don’t believe I’ll be terrified if my loved one says these things to me while I’m dying.

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