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Fans refuse to accept Felicity Kendall’s real age as they remark on her appearance

Fans refuse to accept Felicity Kendall's real age as they remark on her appearance


Fans refuse to accept Felicity Kendall’s real age as they remark on her appearance

Felicity Kendall’s real age had people floored

On Wednesday night, BBC The One Show viewers were caught away when legendary star Felicity Kendall made a rare cameo.

Audiences just refused to accept Felicity Kendall’s age, making remarks about her appearance as she approached the age of 80.

Felicity Kendall, well known for her part in the iconic BBC comedy The Good Life, appeared on the famous BBC1 magazine show to promote her new film, Noises Off.

The Tony Award-winning drama is currently on stage in London, with tickets starting at £32.

Felicity discussed her time working on the show and her excitement for additional touring.

“Life on the road when you’re with the lovely company is heaven on earth. You go out, you have a drink and a meal afterward and then you stagger back to work the next morning and go again.

“It’s lovely because we went to some lovely theatres and the audiences were nice. I mean, when it doesn’t work then you don’t like touring, but when it works it’s a joy.”

And fans just did not accept Felicity’s real age.

The actress is 76 years old and was born in 1946. She has had a long and successful career, including a defining part as Barbara Good in The Good Life in 1975.

@dobiemanengland said: “how good does Felicity Kendal Look”

@hodbow said: “Bloody hell Felicity Kendal looks younger than I do! #TheOneShow”

@northeastlass said: “Felicity Kendal is 76 and she looks blooming amazing #theoneshow”

@suzysasha said: “#TheOneShow Love Felicity Kendall. She never ages. Looks amazing!”

@unolovelydebi said: “Felicity Kendall doesn’t age at all”

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