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LG Display Unveils Next-generation Automotive Displays and Solutions at CES 2023

LG Display Next-generation Displays CES 2023


LG Display Unveils Next-generation Automotive Displays and Solutions at CES 2023

LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, announced today that it will be showcasing cutting-edge automotive displays and solutions at CES 2023. Through these new innovations, the company will strengthen its leading position and shift more of its focus onto the automotive business, a strong future growth engine as well as a key contributor to its order-to-order business, while intensifying its competitiveness in the industry.

LG Display will introduce cutting-edge automotive displays based on its key technologies such as P-OLED and LTPS LCD while showcasing an autonomous concept car equipped with various innovative and futuristic automotive displays including the industry’s first 18-inch Slidable automotive OLED panel.

LG Display’s differentiated automotive P-OLED is based on Tandem OLED technology, a double-layered OLED boasting two organic light emitting layers to offer greater brightness and durability than single-layered OLED. After becoming the first-panel maker to successfully mass-produce its first-generation Tandem OLED back in 2019, the company will start mass-producing the second-generation Tandem OLED starting this year. The second-generation Tandem OLED will further improve brightness and durability while reducing power consumption by around 40 percent compared to the first-generation.

With a combination of Tandem OLED and plastic substrate, LG Display’s P-OLED reduces power consumption and weight. Therefore, when this innovative technology is applied to electric vehicles, it will greatly enhance their energy efficiency which makes it a crucial component for future vehicles.

LG Display’s automotive P-OLED displays adhere to global environmental regulations and minimize hazardous substances all the way from production to disposal. LG Display’s automotive P-OLED displays are also the first of their kind to be awarded the Eco-Product Certification Mark by SGS.

In addition, LG Display will introduce its new Advanced Thin OLED (ATO), which realizes a sleek design with its thickness reduced by 20 percent compared to conventional OLED display, as well as outstanding picture quality based on the same Tandem OLED technology its P-OLED displays use. With this latest and reasonably-priced technology, the company will further expand the market.

At this year’s CES, the company will also unveil cutting-edge automotive products based on its differentiated LTPS LCD technology which enables larger and higher-resolution displays than existing LCDs. LG Display’s 57-inch LCD, the world’s largest automotive LCD display, maximizes driving experiences by covering the full dashboard from the left pillar to the right one, setting a new standard for driving experiences. The innovative 12.3-inch glasses-free 3D LCD Cluster gives the driver real-time information on the road with 3D images by tracking the eyes of the drivers. Another industry-first automotive technology LG Display will unveil at CES 2023 is Switchable Privacy Mode, engineered to help drivers focus on the front view rather than be distracted by the side view of the passenger’s display by controlling viewing angles.

LG Display will unveil a self-driving concept car equipped with next-generation displays including the company’s 18-inch Slidable automotive OLED and Transparent OLED panels. Inside this fully autonomous concept car, the innovative Slidable automotive OLED display is usually hidden in the ceiling and extended downwards when watching movies on the screen on the move. In addition, this futuristic vehicle’s window on the side is equipped with a 55-inch Transparent OLED to enjoy the outside scenery and watch various content and information on the screen at the same time.

LG Display will commercialize products to lead the premium automotive market. As the company begins commercializing its 30-inch range of automotive P-OLEDs this year, it has now set its sights on expanding the lineup to 50 inches.

In addition, LG Display will also unveil its latest innovation, Thin Actuator Sound Solution, which elevates the infotainment experience for everyone on board through its 22.2 channel sound. This CES 2023 Innovation Award (‘In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety’ category) winner has been recognized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) for its space efficiency, design innovation, sound experience innovation, and eco-friendliness.

Whereas conventional speakers are heavy and bulky because of their many components (voice coil, cone, magnet, etc.), the Thin Actuator Sound Solution is extremely slim and lightweight courtesy of LG Display’s film-type exciter technology which permits it to vibrate off display panels and various interior parts to achieve the richest, most 3D-immersive sound experience.

“We will continue to strengthen our Order-to-Order business’s competitiveness through quality control and stable supply capabilities based on our unmatched technologies, especially our P-OLED and LTPS LCD technologies,” said Byeong-koo Kim, Senior Vice President and Head of Auto Business Group at LG Display.

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