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Emily Clarkson was praised for her inspirational post-birth body post: “This is NOT a bad thing”

Emily Clarkson


Emily Clarkson was praised for her inspirational post-birth body post: “This is NOT a bad thing”

Emily Clarkson has received praise for her sensitive post on postpartum bodies. The 28-year-old recently gave birth to her first child, a daughter called Arlo Rose Andrew, and describes motherhood as “so much better than I could have imagined.”

Emily has taken offense at the way society sees women’s pregnant bodies in comparison to their postpartum bodies in her most recent social media update.

In the post, which was accompanied by a video of Emily three days before giving birth and three days after, she wrote: “Our simultaneous celebration of the pregnant body and disdain for the postpartum one is a very cruel trick played on women.

“When housing our babies our bodies are miraculous, both to us and to the world around us.

“Even if you personally struggle to love your pregnant body (as is more common than a lot of people talk about), societally it is revered in a way that as soon as the baby comes out, it isn’t. And it’s WILD.

“Because pregnancy is only half the miracle and the start of the journey.”

Emily then talked about how ‘astonishing’ birth is, calling it an ‘unparalleled physical feat that the female body is extraordinary for the undertaking,’ but she also mentioned that after a woman gives birth, it’s considered a ‘failure of some kind’ if new mothers don’t immediately look like they did before becoming pregnant.

She continued: “As if all our organs didn’t SHIMMY out the way to make space for a new HUMAN. As if we weren’t a HOME. “As if we didn’t make eyeballs and a personality practically from SCRATCH and that a tiny person didn’t then make their way OUT OF US.

“As if we don’t continue to be a source of life for our babies. Some-bloody-how, we’re taught to believe that all of this is something to feel ashamed of.”

Pushing back against how society makes many women feel, Emily stated that after giving birth, she was able to look at her body with the respect it merited, but acknowledged that it has become more difficult to ‘maintain relentless positivity’ as time has passed.

“Contrary to societal expectations, weight does not just ‘fall’ off, and unsurprisingly, I continue to wear the scars of that huge ordeal,” she wrote. “This is NOT a bad thing. It’s just a new thing. And I have to ignore every single thing diet culture taught me as I make my way through this.

“I do not allow myself to make comparisons with other women; their bodies are the best for their babies, and mine is the best for mine. There’s no competition, this is who I am supposed to be.

“Of course, I look different, I AM different. This is not the sort of thing you ‘bounce back’ from. This is a seismic shift that will alter me forever.” Emily, please say it louder for the people in the rear.

Emily’s heartfelt and impassioned message was a huge success with other moms, who were eager to praise her.

One wrote: “Thank you for this – I hate f**king ‘bounce back’ attitude. Like after carrying and growing a human for nine months, we just ping back like an elastic band.”

Another said: “Wished I had someone to tell and show me this 22 years ago. But seeing it now, seeing you now is still soothing and so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us.”

While a third commented: “THANKYOU FOR POSTING THIS! Finally some reality in a world full of filters, angles, lighting, and fakeness!”

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