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You Should Never Reheat These 7 Food Items!



You Should Never Reheat These 7 Food Items!

There are certain cuisines which we like to eat over and over again. So when our favourite dish is made at our home, we always try that we eat the same dish three times a day. And so we often end up reheating the food items over and over again. But there are some food items which grow toxic when heated again.

You Should Never Reheat These 7 Food Items!

1. Potato
Once the cooked potato cools down, the bacteria which causes botulism flourishes in it. This disease is seriously dreadful for our health. When you re-heat the potatoes, the bacteria flourishes. So if you really do care for your health, do not heat potato more than twice.

2. Spinach
Spinach is undoubtedly beneficial for our health. It is one such veggie which is loaded with goodness. But apart from this, it is also loaded with nitrates. These nitrates, when heated, are converted into toxic substances.

3. Beetroot
Beetroot helps in blood production mechanism of our body. But just like spinach, beetroot is also rich in nitrates, which turn poisonous when heated.

4. Chicken
Chicken is nourished with a high amount of proteins. But once again, the proteins gets difficult to be digested when heated again.

5. Oil
When the oil is reheated, toxic substance called aldehyde is produced. This chemical can single-handedly cause cancers.

6. Mushrooms
Just like chicken, mushroom is also rich in protein, but the quantity is a bit lower than that of chicken. Certain elements of protein create discomfort in digestive system when they are reheated.

7. Eggs
Eggs are yet another protein rich food which shouldn’t be heated again once cooked. It gets difficult for the digestive system to digest the reheated proteins.

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