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6 Essential Components of Tennis Fitness


6 Essential Components of Tennis Fitness

Whether you play tennis for fun or professionally, fitness is essential to a great game. To take your game to the next level, you need to improve your tennis fitness.

However, tennis is a broad term that encompasses a variety of physical parameters. A good player must understand these parameters in order to achieve the right level of fitness for tennis.

If you want to become a player, these are the most important components of tennis fitness that you cannot do without:

  1. Aerobic Conditioning for Tennis: This determines a player’s ability to maintain their level of performance during a game. Aerobic fitness increases a player’s stamina. A game can last several hours or more. Aerobic conditioning in tennis ensures that the player can withstand longer exertions and does not tire as quickly.
  2. Flexibility: This is the range of motion around a joint and is an important factor in a tennis player’s mobility on the court. Have you ever seen Kim Clijsters break up on the way to a prom? Then you will know the importance of focusing on flexibility in your tennis conditioning training … Enough said. Flexibility can be increased through stretching exercises.
  3. Strength: This has several components, such as muscular endurance and explosive strength. Muscle endurance enables a player to maintain the ability to generate strength throughout the entire game of tennis.
  4. Speed: This is extremely important in order for the tennis player to reach the ball in time. Fast footwork is an essential part of tennis fitness.
  5. Body fat: Excess body fat negatively affects a player’s flexibility and ability to move around the court. In addition, excess body fat makes the player feel tired at the beginning of the game.
  6. Agility: This is what makes a tennis player change direction very quickly.

If you focus on your tennis fitness training, you will find yourself in the right place to hit the ball and more easily recover for the next stroke.

The Fitness-For-Tennis program is designed to help tennis players like you get in shape and dramatically improve your tennis game in just a few weeks.

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