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Cruz Declares War on Fauci, saying, “enough is enough”

Covid returns debate


Cruz Declares War on Fauci, saying, “enough is enough”

Senator Ted Cruz, in a recent speech mocking Dr. Fauci, had strong words for the gravelly tyrant and the anti-liberal policies he promotes. Senator Cruz responded to a Fauci comment by tweeting:
Oh my god no.

For petty tyrants like Fauci, they have only one tool in their toolbox: dictatorial constraints.
Enough is enough.

In the video to which Cruz is replying, Fauci, argues that if Covid returns debate, the US must be ready to “pivot.”

“When the CDC released their revision of the indicators, said that most of the country is currently in a situation where you can withdraw the concealment. There is a big caveat about that. However, they said if things turn around and you start to see a worrying increase in cases, especially if they lead to [in an] increased hospitalization rates.”

“We should be prepared to pivot and maybe go back to reinstating some of these restrictions regarding indoor face coverings when you have a gathering setting. I hope that doesn’t happen. But we need to be prepared for that”.
Furthermore, Fauci stated in a speech that the US may have to deal with Covid on a daily basis.

“It is conceivable that we may sometimes need a health boost similar to what we do when we get our annual flu shot. There is no guarantee that will be required. But we need to at least keep an open mind that that might be essential in the next few years”.

While Fauci may have taken a tactical retreat from the masks and quests, he’s certainly raising hopes that he’ll get another chance to bring them back.

Cruz, as shown by his tweet, is not pleased with that comment, nor is it implied that Fauci is seeking a way to reclaim all of the responsibilities and powers put upon him. When Covid first reared his ugly head, it was years ago.

More Americans and representatives, though, are expected to support Cruz than Fauci. Mandates and rules have disappeared throughout the country, a good sign for all. Whether it’s because Democrats are seeking to restore popularity before the midterms or because people are simply tired of Covid, mandates and rules have vanished across the country, a good sign for all. Even those who are bored and tired of tyranny.

However, Americans must be very supportive in order to preserve things that way and to prevent Fauci and his minions from bringing the issue up again after the term ends and the Democrats want less political cover. Cruz’s current location.

That implies more than simply asserting your dissatisfaction with the mask, the quest, and the gravel-voiced tyrant’s ego-filled appearances on news programs. It means saying “no” anytime they suggest reintroducing those measures. When they and their minions try to restrict your freedom again, it means refusing to give in even a little.

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