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6 Easy Ways to Calm Overwhelm



6 Easy Ways to Calm Overwhelm

The sensation of overwhelm may be real and heavy, regardless of whether you are starting your own business while managing a chaotic home life or secretly eating tomato soup for every meal while attempting to come up with catchy content for social media.

Not only will learning to control, comprehend, and anticipate the overwhelm protect your mental health, but it will also increase your daily sense of success.

Here are six ways to calm that overwhelm:


Everyone mentions creating that ‘list,’ you know the one where you list everything that has to be done, starting with the little tasks. Yes, this works, but you must learn to triage when the overload is still a weight on your chest. Ask yourself, what are the three things I can do today? Pick three tasks that you can complete today, and concentrate only on those three.

Calming Breath

We’ve all experienced those moments when our faces feel heated and our breathing becomes shallow. We can all relate to having difficult conversations, being fully overwhelmed by work, or simply having a bad day.

The soothing breath is a method discovered to lower your pulse rate and ground yourself. Inhale for a count of two, exhale for a count of four. Find a peaceful place, and spend at least three minutes focusing on this breath. You can remain with it for however long you need to feel calm. Without apology, take as much time as you require.

Ask for Help

We frequently assume that we can handle everything on our own or that no one else will do the task in the manner we desire. There are two ways to get the task done when you have a lot on your plate: asking for help and delegation. Ask for assistance by contacting a relative, friend, or even a specialist in that area.

When you say, “I’m hoping you can help me,” very rarely will someone say no. Giving people duties to complete is another approach to reduce your workload. Delegate if you are in a position of leadership and are able to. Most people are eager to increase their responsibility and skill sets and will be pleased to step up.


It does not mean that you have to become a full-fledged Zen hippy guru; but, if you choose to do so, that is absolutely acceptable too. Sitting in silence is an essential part of connecting with your present self and managing impending overwhelm. There are several types of meditation, including guided, mindfulness, mantra, chanting, and others.

Start with a five-minute guided meditation if you are new to meditation. A daily meditation practice has several advantages, including lowering blood pressure, managing anxiety, improving sleep, and reducing stress. The fact that you can meditate anyplace is its true charm.

Sweat It Out

Your body is flooded with wonderful endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin after working up a sweat, which not only help you fight stress and overwhelm but also make you feel better overall. Make time to get to the gym, swim some laps, or jump around on a trampoline. Leave whatever is stressing you and engage in whatever enjoyable activity you prefer.

Get Organized

It refers to more than simply your pens and pencils. Your complete schedule is meant. The full works: paper calendar, colored Google Calendar. Write up your weekly itinerary on Sunday, and then before dinner every night, arrange your schedule for the following day so you know exactly what it looks like. You’re forced to make fewer judgments as a result of this.

The last thing you want to do when you are feeling overwhelmed and have a full plate is make more decisions. Therefore, make a schedule for your life in advance and simply follow it. This makes a huge difference.

You will benefit from starting to change your perspective and practicing relaxation techniques when you feel overwhelmed not only now but also in future stressful situations.

Making time to use these tools on a regular basis will benefit you well into the future.

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