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Tom Brady Seeks Reconciliation with Gisele Bündchen After Regretting Netflix Special Jokes

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen


Tom Brady Seeks Reconciliation with Gisele Bündchen After Regretting Netflix Special Jokes

Tom Brady is reportedly taking steps to reconcile with his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen following a Netflix special that featured jokes at her expense, which he now regrets. The special, “The Roast of Tom Brady,” unintentionally caused distress for Bündchen, particularly through comments that targeted her personal life and new relationship.

Entertainment Tonight sources reveal that Brady feels remorseful for the pain the roast caused Bündchen, with whom he shares two children. The jokes made during the event, particularly by host Kevin Hart, centered not just on Brady but also poked fun at Bündchen’s new romance with Joaquim Valente.

Sharing more insights into the matter, a source revealed, “Gisele was definitely offended by some of the comments at Tom’s roast,” adding, “He feels bad that she was hurt and is doing his best to be a good co-parent and lift their kids up.”

“Tom knows it might take some time for everyone to move on, but also recognizes that the remarks weren’t in his control and he wasn’t happy with some of them, too,” the insider added. “Joaquim has been there for Gisele and they have a nice, supportive relationship,” they said of her new beau.

“Gisele is still taking things one day at a time and is protective of herself and her well-being, and more importantly, her kids’ well-being.” “She is trying to be thoughtful when navigating the next steps and is continuing to appreciate the loving relationship in front of her,” the insider shared.

Bündchen, who leaned on Valente during this period, reportedly found the content of the Netflix special to be both “distasteful and disrespectful.” Her disappointment was compounded by the fact that Brady chose to participate in the roast, fully aware that it might involve references to their divorce and personal matters.

This incident has prompted Brady to attempt to make amends, recognizing the impact that his public persona and decisions have on his personal relationships. The situation sheds light on the complexities of managing public scrutiny and personal respect in the aftermath of a high-profile separation.

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