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Jennifer Garner’s Increasing Time with Ben Affleck Raises Concerns Amid Jennifer Lopez Rumors

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Jennifer Garner’s Increasing Time with Ben Affleck Raises Concerns Amid Jennifer Lopez Rumors

Jennifer Garner has been seen spending more time with her ex-husband Ben Affleck amid his rumored marital troubles with Jennifer Lopez, sparking concern among her close friends. According to a new report by OK! Magazine, friends of the 52-year-old “13 Going on 30” actress worry there aren’t enough “boundaries” between her and Affleck, with whom she shares three children and was married from 2005 to 2018.

“The last thing in the world Jen wants to do is pick up the pieces of Ben and J.Lo’s broken relationship, but she has no choice,” an insider told the outlet. Despite the complications, Garner is reportedly “concerned” about Affleck, who is said to be “in a bad place and has been isolated,” according to the source.

Garner has been “opening up to friends like never before about it, explaining why she’s been so involved lately… she wants to finally share her side of the story,” the source added.

A second source revealed, “[Garner] says her biggest concern is Ben spiraling worse than before. She won’t let that happen. Jen’s moved on from Ben as a husband, but because of the children they share, she’ll always feel responsible for him.”

However, some friends believe Garner should establish more boundaries. “Some friends feel there should be more boundaries, especially with Ben so vulnerable. They don’t want her ensnared in his problems again,” reported Nerd Stash.

“She has a good life and a great boyfriend. Some friends believe Jen should step back from Ben a bit because it might cause tension in her relationship with John if she doesn’t,” the tipster said, referring to Garner’s current boyfriend, John Miller.

As Affleck navigates his rumored marital woes with Lopez, Garner’s increased involvement has raised eyebrows and concerns among those close to her. Friends fear that her close proximity to Affleck during this tumultuous time might impact her own personal happiness and relationship with Miller.

Garner’s dedication to her children’s well-being and her sense of responsibility towards Affleck reflect her enduring commitment to family, despite the complexities of her past and present relationships.

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