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You Should Never Reheat These 7 Food Items!


Health Tips | September 2, 2016


There are certain cuisines which we like to eat over and over again. So when our favourite dish is made at our home, we always try that we eat the same dish three times a day. And so we often end up reheating the food items over and over again. But there are some food […]

Fashion Central International Magazine July Issue 2016


Fashion | August 24, 2016

The July 2016 issue of the Fashion Central International is offered for viewing. Every page of the online magazine has an appeal of its own and the online followers of the magazine will feel heartened with the informative content and cheered by the images that are loaded with viewing pleasure. Content summary has been summed […]

2020 Lotus Elise to Remain True to Its Roots


Cars | July 28, 2016


A new Lotus Elise will go on sale in 2020, Lotus boss Jean-Marc Gales has indicated. Work on the redesigned two-seat roadsteris believed to have already begun, coinciding with news that Lotus is on course to make a profit for the first time in 20 years in 2017.  Although Gales said only that the car […]

Group of Former Wrestlers Sue WWE Over Brain injuries


Celebrity Gossip | July 19, 2016

More than 50 former wrestlers and performers have filed suit against the WWE, claiming that it hid the risk of brain trauma and failed to provide wrestlers with necessary medical attention and support. The wrestlers, who include Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, allege that the WWE knew about the potential for brain injury and was not only […]

Fashion Central international June Issue 2016


Fashion | July 15, 2016

Fashion Central international June Issue 2016

June  2016 issue of the Fashion Central International is live and available for review at one click.In response to the viewers needs ,the magazine comes up high resolution images of prominent events and items of immense interest.As for the content it is most relevant and makes interesting reading.Surely it will make you feel updated about […]

Bacary Sagna’s WAG Ludivine Pictured in a Red Bikini


Hot Girls | July 1, 2016

Bacary Sagna's WAG Ludivine Pictured in a Red Bikini

Bacary Sagna’s red hot WAG Ludivine looks incredible on the sands as he overcomes Euro defeat with family holiday in Miami. He is bouncing back from a crushing defeat in the Euro 2016 final with France.  But Bacary Sagna did so in the sun on Thursday with his stunning wife Ludivine by his side as […]

Homemade Limoncello Is a Bartender’s Best Friend


Health Tips | June 27, 2016

Homemade Limoncello Is a Bartender's Best Friend

If you think of limoncello as a Lysol-scented, saccharine-sweet liqueur, think again. While many store-bought bottles are suspect, homemade is a whole other story. Smooth and bright with zesty lemon notes, a bottle of limoncello makes for an excellent edible gift for cocktail lovers, particularly when paired with a bottle of sparkling wine for a […]

Zayn Malik Covers ‘Paper’ Magazine


Fashion | June 23, 2016

Zayn Malik Covers 'Paper' Magazine

When Zayn Malik left One Direction in March 2015, honest-to-god tears flowed across the globe. Just Google “Zayn leaving crying” and the Internet will burst open with videos and tweets of young people all over the world sharing their unfiltered sorrow, including his former bandmate Harry Styles, who was caught wiping his eyes while on […]

Kim Kardashian West on Her First GQ Cover


Fashion | June 16, 2016

Who better to be on the cover of GQ‘s 10th-anniversary Love, Sex, and Madness issue than Kim Kardashian West? America’s muse gave writer Caity Weaver unprecedented access and a wide-ranging interview about the special way she drives Kanye crazy, being on team #imwithher, what was really in O.J.’s Louis Vuitton bag (yeah, Kim knows), and […]

6 Stretches Everyone Who Sits at a Desk Should Be Doing


Workouts | May 31, 2016

6 Stretches Everyone Who Sits at a Desk Should Be Doing

If you run, bike, are desk-bound all day, or have been sitting in a car or plane traveling, your hamstrings could use some extra love and length. It not only feels good to stretch this commonly tight area, but hamstring flexibility is also important for the health of your back, hips, and knees. Here are […]